Commercial Garage Doors Atlanta GA

Commercial garage doors are a beautiful, durable and pragmatic aesthetic component to keep your business safe and energy efficient. Commercial roll-up doors are a good investment, with a wide range of options to fit your business’s needs. High-performance doors are available in a variety of materials, including rubber, vinyl and stainless steel to accommodate your unique security and style preferences. No matter the design or material, though, convenience, quality, and long-term durability all come together to make an investment in commercial garage doors worth every penny. Here are the top-quality features you should expect from your new commercial garage doors.


Consider how cost-effective a new commercial roll-up door can be. If you own a business with a dock, sometimes the doors aren’t very secure. If you are heating and cooling the indoor loading area, these gaps can mean money literally floating out the door. This energy loss can rack up over time and cost big bucks for your business.

Commercial Garage Doors Customization

The specs for roll-up doors vary, so it’s worth it to have doors made specifically for your needs. The operation should be easy. All doors are spring-free and work with a motor. Commercial garage doors also should be easy to clean and maintain.

Along with customizing the function, when installing a new commercial garage door, consider the many colors, styles, and sizes. The largest roll-up door measures 200 X 100 feet and can withstand winds up to 200 miles per hour. It can perform in temperatures from -40F degrees up to 160F.

Your Choice of Manual or Automatic

Like any product, there are pros and cons to these doors. The pros include the obvious:

  • Space when a truck unloads at the dock.
  • Roll-up doors are also efficient, strong, and come in either manual or automatic.
  • Both manual and automatic doors are simple to operate and extremely durable.
  • Roll-up commercial garage doors only need a remote to operate. The button controls the stop, start and pause.
  • Some doors also have the manual chains that can be pulled to open and close the door.

Readily Available Maintenance

If your door ever breaks or stops, there are many local dealers who sell commercial garage door parts. If you are handy with the equipment, you can fix some small issues for yourself. You also can call a roll-up door repair service and have it fixed by a professional in a matter of minutes (in most cases).

Commercial Garage Door Accessories

Loading dock doors also have some extra added protection for the hot summer months: rollup bug shields and bug shield sliding screens. These are very handy for keeping the flies, mosquitoes and gnats at bay. With such a wide open space, other critters could get inside your facility. The bug shield can block them as well.

Once the door entrance is measured, our award-winning professionals will get to work to create a door that is snug and specific to your needs. Adjustments can be made as needed. The sturdy design can withstand all types of accidents from pallet jacks, cars and even forklifts. If for any reason the door has a glitch, it can be reset in no time flat.

If you are interested in purchasing a rollup overhead garage door, All 4 Seasons Garage Doors installs the highest-quality doors in the business. All doors come with a solid warranty and a money-back guarantee, installed and maintained by our trained and trusted technicians.