Go outside and take a long look at the garage doors. When the house was built, were the garage doors an afterthought? Are they constantly in need of repair and maintenance? There are many benefits to replacing the old doors with new garage doors. Also, you might be eligible for great discounts for new garage doors in North Atlanta, GA. Scroll down to find our current coupon offerings.


The most obvious benefit is that it will improve the overall appearance of the home. There are many options available when it comes to a new garage door and this could be an easy way to customize the look of the front of the home. It is not necessary to have the same door as every other house on the block. When it comes time to sell the house, new garage doors will give the home a greater curb appeal. This will help attract buyers to the home.


New doors will make the home more energy efficient as well. A lot of money is wasted on heating and cooling because of the garage door not sealing properly or because it does not have enough insulation. Most old doors do not have any insulation. A new door will help to solve those problems. Over time the door will pay for itself with the savings in energy costs. The new door will also help to keep any attached rooms to the garage more comfortable to be in as well.


Safety is another good reason to invest in new garage doors. Many people consider the garage door as being the main entrance and exit way to and from the house. But how safe is that old door? A new door can be installed with a keypad so no one is getting in that does not know the code. Also if there are small children, a new door can provide them with a sense of safety as well. New doors have a senor that can detect if a small child or even a vehicle or family pet is underneath them. In this case the door will reverse itself and will open instead of close on top of the object or person that is underneath it.


Does the idea of not having to get out of the vehicle in the rain or snow to open the garage door sound appealing? Garage door remote controls are an extra plus to having a new door. Not only does this add to everyone’s safety but no more having to get out of a warm car in bad weather. Usually home owners end up replacing the remote control do to mishaps of running over the remote or leaving it on top of the car many times before they have to even think about replacing the new door.

Save Money

As spring times roll around once again, it means that it is time to paint the old garage door once again. It can take a lot of time and money to keep up the maintenance of an old wood door. Paint and/or stain is not exactly a cheap investment every year. Not to mention the time involved in tackling such a project. A fiberglass or steal door does not require constant maintenance. If anything, they may need to be hosed off after a harsh winter or crazy spring storm. New garage doors are low maintenance and maintain their customized look for many years.

There are certainly a lot of benefits to replacing that old door and many more that were not even mentioned. The amount of money that a new door will be saving a homeowner in constant maintenance and repair costs, not to mention the savings on the energy bill, has to be the top reason. However the peace of mind that comes with the safety of a new door has to be ranked up there as well. Plus there is nothing wrong with the front of the home looking better than the houses next door.

As always, contact your North Atlanta Garage Door Experts at (678) 981-8454 for any questions or concerns you might have, or if you need a free estimate. Take a look at the garage doors we offer and check out our current coupon offerings below.