Why Garage Door Repair Should Be Done By A Professional

Many people tend to use their garage door as their front door, which can slowly cause ongoing strain when it comes to the functionality of your garage door. When using your garage door numerous times a day, the steel of the spring becomes more and more fatigued.

Over time the spring will break causing the need for repair. The torsion spring is usually wound pretty tight causing all of its stored energy to release quickly as it unwinds. Whenever a torsion spring is wound up, it makes it really dangerous to replace and/or handle. That is why it’s important for homeowners to hire a professional who can handle their garage door repairs. It can become extremely unsafe to handle this type of repair on your own, due to the complexity of the torsion spring.

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Why DYI Repair Is Dangerous

It’s important to have the proper tools, as well as the know-how when it comes to repairing the torsion springs. Hiring a trained professional can not only save you money, but it can also help you avoid causing a large amount of damage. Accidents happened and it’s not worth taking the risk with a DIY Repair when the following is at stake:

• Serious accidents, such as lost hands and lost fingers
• Lost eyesight from the snapping of springs
• Broken arm or a concussion due to the garage door falling on top of someone
• Damage to your property that could cause you a financial burden
• In worst-case scenarios people have even lost their lives when trying to repair this issue on their own

Understanding the Replacement and Life Cycle of Torsion Springs

The torsion spring is made to lift your garage door by counterbalancing all of the weight. If one has a broken spring part or if your door is operating on dead weight – it’s best if you have your garage door looked at. The average lifespan of a torsion spring is 10,000 cycles, which means the spring can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. Many torsion springs are hardened steel, fabricated with oil, and made with galvanized steel. Garage doors are designed to have tremendous torque to help provide lifting force on cables. If your garage door weighs over 10 pounds while in the manual position, more than likely the torsion spring needs to be replaced. This force is something no inexperienced person should attempt to fix themselves. That is why it’s imperative that someone with experience assist with the repair of your garage door.

Why Do Garage Torsion Springs Break?

There are many different reasons why a torsion spring breaks.

• No lubrication on the garage door and or poor lubrication can cause the torsion spring to break before its time.
• Environmental conditions can create tension and rusting causing the torsion spring to break.
• Continuous use of the garage door will eventually cause the torsion spring to break, which means the spring will eventually break no matter the precautions you take.

It can be a headache to find out that your garage door isn’t working properly. And it might seem as if doing it yourself is easier than hiring someone else. But in actuality, it’s important that you find someone who has experience and training when it comes to properly repairing your garage door.

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