Garage Door DIY Repair tips & tricks

by All Four Seasons Garage Door Service Suwanee GA

Garage doors live a pretty simple life, up and down, down and up, until one day they suddenly do not work as they are supposed to. Fortunately, this simple life makes for simple repairs. Sometimes even the reliable old garage doors bite the dust, so if you have trouble with your garage door, here are some tips and tricks on what to do. 

Silencing a noisy door

Noisy garage doors create all kinds of problems especially for people who have to sleep above or next to the garage. Luckily, most garage door problems can be fixed with the replacement of a few door parts and proper routine maintenance. Tighten all nuts on the track and on the door. Everything needs to be snug, but not too tight. Secondly replace rollers especially if they are worn out. Lastly, replace hinges. Overtime, the hole that houses the roller stem can wear out. Inspect all the hinges and replace any that have oblong instead of round hole. Here’s a video from Dan Watkins of All Four Seasons Garage Door Service Suwanee GA:

Roll-up Dilemma

Garage doors, especially wooden models, are susceptible to the ravage of gravity and time. If your doors are a bit saggy, you can square them up with the tension rods that are positioned at the back of the door. These rods are placed diagonally from the top to the bottom corners and can be tightened to straighten the door. If your door does not have these rods, you can purchase them at any home center.

Black Blot

After any mechanical job, you are bound to have a big oil stain on the driveway. To fix this, pulverize a scrap piece of drywall using a hammer. Crumble the drywall with your hands and sprinkle it on the stain. Let it sit overnight and rinse it off in the morning. Reapply and brush with a broom in case of stubborn stains.

Frozen Garage Doors

Garage doors can and do actually freeze on the garage floor, but don’t Let It Go. Sometimes it is a small icy connection between the two and can be broken when you press the opener button. However, other times the door might refuse to budge. When this happens, use a hair dryer or a heat gun to melt away the ice. Standard de-icing products also work the same. If you careful not to damage the seal or the door, use a shovel to chip away the ice.

Replacing Garage Doors

There are only two reasons why you would think of replacing your garage door. Either you are tired of the way it looks or it has stopped working properly. Most times, it is a combination of the two. Look for a door that suits your budget by doing a lot of research online and in retail shops. Consider the different materials that construct garage doors and choose the style that complements your house. Finally, find a good door installer to complete this job for you.

To make sure that your garage door operates optimally, it is wise to inspect the opener system and the door periodically as often as monthly.

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