Alpharetta homeUpdated Dec 17, 2023

Want to sell your Alpharetta home for more and quicker? Many people selling homes don’t realize that hundreds or thousands of people pass by their home every day. You may have hung a “For Sale” sign in front of the house, but the surest way to grab people’s attention is to increase the curb appeal of the home. Your house will likely sell faster and at a greater value if you make the exterior more attractive. Property values in Georgia are starting to bounce back, so this is a great time to focus on making your home look good for the market.

Make the Front Door Stand Out

It’s relatively easy to make a front door look more attractive. Have the door painted a color that accents the exterior trim of the home. You can have a fancy doorknob or knocker installed to give the home a contemporary appeal. A swag of flowers can also be a great way to garner attention from the street level.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting can make a home much more appealing from the outside. There are many different lighting styles that can light up the path up to the house. You can also look into adding exterior lights around the driveway. This lighting will also help people passing by at night notice your house. Be sure to install a light around the “For Sale” sign as well.

Add Foliage or Plant a Garden

In real estate, planted trees is usually considered part of the property itself. Adding trees and other forms of foliage will create the impression that the property is full of life and energy. You can also plant a garden in front of the exterior to grab the attention of people who are walking or driving by. It’s very easy to purchase ready-made planters filled with flowers and place them into the soil. You’ll also want to maintain the yard regularly. Mowing the lawn is a given, but you may want to remove dead trees, pieces of wood and compost that is resting on the property. Ensure that the backyard looks good too. It isn’t uncommon for an interested buyer to immediately circle the property to examine it fully.

Add New Garage Doors

There are many garage doors in Alpharetta GA homes because they complement the overall design of the house. Garage doors also protect Georgia homes during the summer rainstorms that the southern state has. Installing a new garage door that matches the trim of the house will make people notice that there is a garage attached to the house. Many garage doors in Alpharetta GA are painted in neutral tones such as white or beige that match the driveway. Some of the garage doors Alpharetta GA have unique indents and designs that add to the look of the house as well. Real estate agents agree that installing a new garage doors increases the value of your home. You will actually get more money out of the selling price, and enough to cover the investment cost for the new garage door.

Install a New Mailbox

The mailbox should act as a compliment to the overall design of the home. Select a mailbox that matches the style and color of the house. A black mailbox can also work well as a neutral color that grabs people’s attention as well. Another way to increase curb appeal is to add flowers around the mailbox. If you don’t want to replace the entire mailbox, you can also paint the post to match the tones of the house. Often neutrality that still emphasizes quality is the key to selling every aspect of the house.

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