Garage doors in Sandy Springs GA may not suffer the extremes of cold that some parts of the country face, but the right kind of insulation will also reduce heat and make a garage more comfortable in the summertime. Also, adding insulation can reduce noise if the garage is placed next to a bedroom, for greater comfort and a quieter sleep. Ultimately, there are three main types of garage door insulation and each will have its own pros and cons depending on the type of door and the reasons you want the insulation.

Determine your garage door type

One of the first considerations when adding insulation to the garage door is the type of door. A steel garage door can work with almost any type of insulation. Wooden garage doors require a board-like type of insulation which can be cut to fit the wooden boards. Flat garage doors without panels also require either a foam board or a reflective insulation which can be cut to fit the shape of the garage door. When you are adding the insulation to your door, be sure to keep in mind that it will add weight to the door, which may affect the performance of your garage door opener. If it does, you can call a professional to adjust the tension springs to increase the opener’s power.

BATT Insulation

With those tips in mind, there are three different types of insulation typically used for exterior walls and garage doors. The first of these is called BATT insulation which can be unrolled and attached to the garage door. It is a flexible, fiberglass based insulator backed up with either paper or foil. Many people like to use it for its ease in installation, but the R-value can vary depending on the quality of the installation and the thickness of the material. It can also lose some of its insulating ability when it gets wet, which is often a possibility in a garage door as cars or people come in and out. However, it is an inexpensive material and fire resistant.

Reflective Insulation

A second type of insulation usually used for garage doors is called reflective insulation and it is often recommended for both wooden and flat garage doors. The reflection comes from the aluminum foil applied to cardboard or polyethylene bubbles, which provide the insulation material. For garage doors in Sandy Springs GA this is especially popular because it reflects radiant heat as well as keeps the temperatures controlled. People who enjoy working or spending time in their garages during the hot months will want to use this type of insulation because it is the best at keeping a garage cool.

Foam Board Insulation

The third most common type of garage door insulation is the foam board. They are rigid, polystyrene panels with a relatively high R-value despite being thinner than some other kinds. They are between ½ – 1 inch thick. For a garage door they can be cut to the appropriate shape of the panels and attached to the back. One thing to remember about this kind is that is the best at stopping air movements. They are also more expensive than other kinds of insulation.

There are many benefits to insulating garage a door in Sandy Springs GA. Insulation reduces noise, controls temperature, and resists fire. Choosing the right kind improves your garage and your energy costs.

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