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Helping Your Yard with Your Garage

There are a lot of tips and tricks out there for getting the most out of your yard. Whether backyard or front, it seems like there are a million things listed as the true way to make the most out of what one has. The funny thing about that advice is how often it fails to note what’s usually connected to the yard. This might sound a bit odd at first, but the best tip for taking care of one’s lawn is to take proper care of the garage. The big reason is that the garage is almost a nexus between different elements. In some ways it’s the inside, and in some ways it’s the outside. Even if just in rough proximity, it’s a connection between home and yard. And it’s a great way to move elements between them.

A little dirt

The real strength of a garage when it comes to one’s yard is from what one can keep in it. Any yard is, frankly, going to be dirty. Because underneath the grass there’s literal dirt. That’s part of the fun of having a yard. It’s a chance to have a bit of nature right there on your property. However, the downside to that comes from not being able to bring things between yard and home. Taking something into the yard means getting dirt on it. And it doesn’t take many hours wasted washing things off before that becomes an exercise best left undone. Instead, it’s a good idea to simply keep furniture meant for the yard in the garage. A little dirt is nothing to a garage, and it’s easy to move things in and out of it. In fact, that’s the main design principle of a garage.


The first thing to consider with a garage is how it will work with the elements. Humidity is a big issue with garage storage. This is especially true for areas like Georgia which usually winds up with somewhat humid conditions as the norm. Keeping the garage door closed most of the time will help. However, it’s still a good idea to take precautions, especially with your garage doors Sandy Springs GA.


The main danger to furniture in a garage is the glue. Any furniture which relies on glue to keep things in place will have a high chance of eventual failure. Thankfully, this is also fairly easy to fix. A new application of heavy duty glue should be all it takes. Anything really difficult to fix back in place will probably not be using simple glue in the first place. It might be a bit of a pain, but it’s nothing compared to needing to fix springs back in place.That said, it’s still more work than most people will be happy with. The whole point of using a garage for lawn storage is to avoid extra hassle. Instead, it’s a good idea to simply get some plastic furniture with a nice cushion. Cushions and pillows should have no issues when stored in the garage. Any insects which might pose a problem with them are typically limited to the outdoors. They’re not really interested in sneaking into the garage for a nap. Instead they want to be outside where their natural food is.

Appreciate your Garage

Other than that, it’s also a good way to cycle seasonal items. There’s little point keeping things out in the yard when the weather’s too cold for it. Or items to provide shade, when the clouds are going to be covering the sky for a while. The important thing is to simply realize what a great resource one’s garage actually is. When it’s appreciated fully, the possible applications are limitless.

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