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Garage doors are unquestionably useful. However, just because they’re functional doesn’t mean that there’s any lack of strange variations of them out there. If one searches the world, it’s possible to find some pretty odd garage doors. But what’s most amazing about them is that even if they’re a bit different than one would expect, they’re still functional.

Living Room or Garage?

One of the most interesting take on the garage door comes from the land of the rising sun. A man in Japan has create a garage door in the middle of his living room. And not just the living room, but the floor of the living room. Does a garage door in the floor seem unusable, or perhaps even closer to a pit than a door? Well, there’s a good reason why it can work. That floor based garage door also functions as an elevator. When he wants to show off his latest luxury car to his friends, he simply needs to press a button to have it rise up from his floor.

Bed and Breakfast and Garage

If it seems like an impressive feat to turn one’s floor into a garage door, than one should consider a Florida based bed and breakfast. The Danville bed and breakfast can virtually change shape with the push of a button. The 2-ton, 45 by 15 foot hydraulic garage door is actually the entire front face of the building. Pushing it opens up to reveal a fantastic area that’s part garage, part airplane hanger, and part recreation of a 1940s downtown vista. Can you picture similar garage doors Atlanta GA customers?

Early Doors

One that seems strange today can be found by going through time, rather than space. Ever wonder how people coped with the change from owning horses to using one of those new fangled horseless carriages? A surprising amount of work went into figuring out how to handle car storage. The first garage doors were actually made of wood and slid outward. While very strange now, these extra large doors which slid to the sides rather than upward were the norm all over the world.

Glass Doors

Have you heard of a big tent political party? How about partying under the big tent of your garage? Marcus Gleysteen Architects set up a garage door that looks as if it was a nice glass door within a classy modern home. It’d look almost as at place in a science fiction movie as it would within a traditional Japanese home. It’s an interesting fusion of styles which is even more so due to the fact that it’s extended at the top by two large tents. The tents look, well, like normal tents. If the style seems like an odd fusion of ideas it’s because it is. But what’s even odder is that it works. Everything comes together perfectly to create one of the more interesting garages in the world. Along with some of the most interesting doors.

What Will Your Garage Door Be?

And what garage door earns the number one place for most unique or odd garage door? That spot is reserved for your garage door. Consider your garage a blank canvas on which you can create something that would rival any of these. A little paint and ingenuity can create a modern masterpiece to rival any of these ideas. For example, some people with double car garages have painted each half differently in order to create a “his and hers” style garage. Or one might simply let one’s inner realist artist out and paint everything to create an illusion of a totally different building on top of the garage.

But whether it’s admiring a modern masterpiece or creating one’s own, it’s clear that there’s a lot of great ideas out there. Everyone should feel free to think of new ones or find some great examples of doors in the wild. Click on the coupon below for super savings:

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