How To Choose Commercial Garage Doors

Selecting new commercial garage doors can be a difficult task. Not all doors fit the commercial building or the environment. Doors should also be selected dependent on their function. As such, there are some key things to consider and look for when choosing new doors. Cost and quality are key considerations, but so are door construction, lighting, and level of noise. Also, keep in mind lowest prices don’t always equal quality doors.Know that commercial garage door installation Alpharetta GA is a specialty for All Four Seasons.

When selecting new doors one of the first things to consider is the type of doors needed. There are a variety of doors available for a variety of commercial settings, which include such commercial settings as auto shops, warehouses, airports, fire stations, and others. Types of doors include sectional doors, rolling doors, fire doors, and traffic doors. Knowing the specifics of these types of doors, and what the business is trying to achieve with the doors is helpful in selecting the perfect commercial doors.

Types of Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are generally selected to conserve heat, to provide added security to the building, to provide lighting to the interior of the building, or for building aesthetics. Sectional doors also work well in areas of the country where wind or harsh weather is a concern, as sectional doors are quieter when operating. One of the to consider with sectional doors is available space. Sectional doors require a large amount of headroom or backroom space.

Rolling garage doors, on the other hand, offers a higher level of durability and security. Unlike the sectional doors, rolling doors do not need significant headroom, backroom or side space. They are perfect for environments that require doors that fit in a tight spaces. Sectional doors are constructed of interlocking slats.

Similar to rolling garage doors, fire doors are selected in facilities that require a fire wall. Such doors require a fusible link, which release and close the door at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. A commercial building’s heat, alarm and fire system also can trigger the door to shut. Such doors are constructed with these specifications in mind.

Traffic doors are constructed similar to a fire door, but include a strong fabric, instead of metal. This allows the door to operate much faster under conditions in which a door would need to open more frequently than in other commercial settings. Such conditions might include a shipping department, doors meant for delivery or pick-up of products, and manufacturing facilities. The benefit of this type of door is that if the door becomes dislodged it normally can be reconnected without a service call.

In addition to the type of door, the quality of doors is very important for longevity, durability, and proper functioning. Construction of the doors is the main component dictating if the doors operate efficiently, quietly, and promote long life. Cost is a strong consideration, but should be equally balanced with quality of the doors, and construction of the doors. Low cost shouldn’t sacrifice quality and durability.

Keep in mind the lowest cost doors are often without insulation, and often have no back on doors. This means doors are often noisy when operating, and are not durable. Even a small amount of insulation can make a huge difference in how doors operate. This is especially true with sectionals, for energy efficiency. Those interested in durability should seek sectional doors with insulation in the middle, and steel or aluminum on backs of doors when possible. Such doors are extremely durable, and won’t unnecessarily bend. No matter what type of door is selected taking into consideration the commercial environment, and desired functions, will go a long way in selecting the perfect commercial garage doors.

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