It is very important to install the right garage door for your beautiful home.Put those expensive vehicles in a nice shelter! There are several factors to consider when choosing and installing a garage door. It increases your quality of life and adds a wonderful decorative addition to your home. Your garage door makes the exterior appearance of your home come together, plus it will also protect your vehicles, lawn tools, workbench and other stored items. You want to protect your vehicle? A garage door makes all the difference. 

A garage door can also increase home resale value, and a new one is sure to cost an amount less than the value it adds to your house. The retail price of a mid-grade door in steel or wood should range from $500-$1000. Add about 6 hours for installation time and materials, and you could expect to spend from $700 to $1500. Of course there are many other options to choose from that are higher quality, better looking and heavier duty.

Types of Doors

Garage doors come in four basic types. They may swing out, swing up, roll up or slide to the side. The most popular choice is the sectional roll-up door. Swing-out carriage-house doors or sliding barn doors are an ideal option if you want to achieve a distinctive look or keep the ceiling clear. Before purchasing and installing any of the aforementioned doors, make sure you have enough space between the top of the garage door opening and the overhead framing of the ceiling. Standard garage doors installed require a headroom of about 14 inches.

Garage Door Openers

Along with the installation of the actual door, you will have different types of garage openers to choose from. Typically, there will be switches inside the garage for opening and closing the door, usually resembling a doorbell. Compositions and styles of openers vary. There are also remote openers that you can keep in your vehicle that clip to a visor or reside in your car console for safe keeping. Some cars have a special overhead compartment with a large button or two on the outside in which you can place the remote so that the built-in button activates the contained remote. This makes the garage door opening process much easier and much more convenient.


Safety is a concern with any product, and your garage door is no different. Since it is a large moving object under tension that many family members interact with, it should be as safe as possible. You can find garage doors that are pinch resistant and feature a design that does not allow fingers to be in harm’s way should they accidentally be in contact with a closing garage door. If you have little ones around, this should definitely be a consideration. It is not recommended to purchase a garage door with a doggie door if there in children in the home.

Tamper proof lowered brackets reduce the risk of injury from garage door components under pressure. Polyurethane insulation provides better fire prevention by decreasing the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a blaze. Garages are a primary area where house fires begin, so pay attention to the fire rating of both the main exterior door and the interior door to the house. These factors also improve the security of the home and reduce the chance of break ins.

Overall, there are several things you need to examine before installing a garage door into your home. There are a lot of aspects to assess aside from size, safety and style. It is a great investment into making your home come together and to provide a safe place for your vehicles.

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