Making Your Garage Door Spiffy

First impressions are often lasting impressions, so it is important to have a welcoming entrance to a home. This means having an attractive and fully-functional garage door in place. A garage doors can be a focal point of the home entrance and typically expresses the homeowners’ tastes, property value and style of the house. These doors can help delineate a garage space that acts as a sort of foyer smoothing the transition between interior and exterior area. Whether the garage door is visible or hidden behind the shrubs, visitors are likely to notice them. They are mostly wide enough to navigate vehicles comfortably whether the path leading to them is winding, direct or indirect.

Fancy and Functional

A classic garage door can make an elegant statement if it has some decorative elements added to it. For example, replacing the top level with clear glass or etched panes gives a plain door a distinctive look. Depending on the architecture of the house, garage doors come in various shapes, sizes and forms. Generally, doors are made of standard materials such as steel with foam insulation, heavy-duty aluminum and sometimes iron. The steel version is more than ideal for any house because the material is designed with many favorable factors in mind. In addition, steel products have a casual appearance that are better suited to preserve the structural integrity of a garage. The goal of having a strong and sound garage door is to protect the property as well as make the house aesthetically pleasing.

Nothing Lasts Forever

It isn’t getting any easier to be a homeowner. So it is worth considering some of the major issues and challenges facing a typical homeowner and people who live in homes with garages. For one thing, garage doors are susceptible to lose its stability as years pass by. Some doors are meant to be functional only for a certain number of years as mentioned in their warranties. Other doors last longer if maintained well.

How to Eliminate Garage Door Dents

As indicated earlier, nothing says welcome like a garage door with a clean surface. But garage doors are like any other household things, susceptible to dents and breakage. Accidental backing is one of the major causes of garage dents and these dents if not treated will make the door look very unattractive or shoo away prospective buyers. Fortunately, repairing these dents can be done at home with a little effort and minimal time and cost.

First, in order to remove the dent on the garage door you need to clean the surface where dent is obvious. For this, rub the surface with a sponge and warm water mixed with dish soap. When the area is clean and dry, cover it with a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil or extend past the dent on both sides. Use a butane lighter such as the one used for candles or barbecue grills and brush the covered area with one sweep or a consistent motion for a minute. It is critical that you heat the entire area of the dent uniformly.

Next, remove the foil from the dent and spray the dent with a can of compressed air holding the can upside down for about 30 seconds. This lets the carbon dioxide from the can escape the nozzle and act as a catalyst to remove the dent. The area that was once showing the dent will go back into place due to extreme temperature created from the lighter heat and carbon dioxide freezing. If you are careful, the dent should completely disappear within a couple of minutes.

Note that the compressed air here serves a distinct purpose of releasing the gas that helps create two extreme temperatures, hence it is important to buy a high quality one to avoid repeating the process. Keep all safety precautions in mind when planning to remove the dent. Larger dents may need more than one treatment and if the dent doesn’t disappear call for professional help.

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