Because the garage door you choose becomes part of your home, it’s smart to know about garage door construction and design before making the investment.

How Garage Doors are Made

The exact materials and techniques used in manufacturing garage doors vary from company to company, but there are a few concepts that are basic to garage door construction and design. They are typically made of four panels which begin as sheets of aluminum or steel. The manufacturing company will imprint a design onto the garage door and then the hardware is fastened onto the doors. Two of these sheets are slid together which forms a hollow panel. The panel is filled with insulation to keep out heat, cold and moisture. Other ornamentation may be attached depending on the type of door. Window holes are sometimes cut to make way for the installation of a double panel window.

How Garage Doors Work

Steel rollers attach to the edges of four separate panels. These steel rollers or wheels ride in a track that extends upward and then attaches to the ceiling. The top panel of the door attaches to an arm that attaches to a garage door opener. When you press the opener, the motor will turn a chain belt or screw mechanism that lifts the garage door up.


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While there are many garage door styles from which to choose, and you can even have one custom-made by some manufacturers, the following are the three most common and distinct types of garage door styles.

Panel-style: The garage door style most frequently appearing on homes today are panel-style doors. Most of these are raised-panel doors, but there are also some that have recessed-panels or are flush. Most of these will have a baked-on coat of polyester paint textured to resemble wood.

Carriage-style (also known as barn-style) doors: These are used often on newer construction homes, especially homes of the craftsman variety. They are more ornamental than your traditional panel style. They are characterized by two handles in the center of the door. Typically a panel will run down the center of the door along with two panels that come down at an angle making an upside-down V or two panels that cross one another, making an X design.

Contemporary garage door styles: These doors are not as common as panel and carriage doors. The most notable feature of contemporary garage doors is that they often have windows that cover the entire door. They are meant to reinforce the outdoor/indoor living idea embraced by contemporary homes.

Garage Door Construction and Design Pricing

Garage door pricing ranges drastically between traditional factory raised panel doors and custom-made solid wood pieces. Maintaining wooden doors can get very expensive as they must be resealed and re-stained periodically. A good alternative to a wooden door is an embossed steel door with a faux wood-grain finish. These doors look remarkably close to the real thing but are much less expensive and easier to maintain.

The type of garage door you choose and how much you spend will depend on the style of your home and whether the garage is on the front of your house or the side. If only you will see the door, you may want a basic style; conversely, if your garage is facing the street, you will want to put much thought into the door’s aesthetics to ensure it does not clash with the style of your home.

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