Garage Door Types and Styles Guide

garage door types and stylesIf your home has garage doors and they need updating or replacing, you have some options available to you. There are different garage door types and styles, and different materials used in constructing garage doors. Researching your options and asking professionals can help make the choices clearer. Garage door types and prices vary considerably, and most homeowners could use a bit of help from a professional. It is possible to get an idea of what the garage doors will look on your home before you buy, and it is important to know your options, so you get the best product possible and in alignment with your vision.

Garage door types and styles: materials

Garage doors can be made with a variety of materials. Every material has its benefit and drawback. Each homeowner must decide if the material will match their home and if it will be beneficial for them to choose. The materials used will play a part in determining the price of the garage doors because the materials cost more depending on what they are. This is a list of the most popular materials used to make garage doors.

Wood – If you get your garage door made from wood, you are pretty much guaranteed that the kids will not dent them and if you tap them with your car bumper, you will not damage them. Wood doors can be made to very specific sizes and used in different styles of doors. Wooden garage doors can be stained or painted, but they will need some maintenance and are probably more expensive than most other kinds of doors. The price will increase depending on whether they are solid doors or made with a lightweight foam insulation.

Steel – These doors allow the homeowner to match the color to their home or choose any color they desire. Maintenance is at a minimum with this material, so it is a popular choice by many homeowners. They are made of two layers of steel metal, but some are easily dented. So, if you have kids playing in the backyard, or you accidentally pull the car too close, you can get dings in the door. Additionally, you can choose to insulate these doors and created a heated space to work on your car or let the kids play in.

Wood composite – Composite doors are made with a wood frame but have fiberboard comprising of the panels. This is a low maintenance type of door, which is attractive to homeowners.

Aluminum – These are available in a number of colors, but like steel, they are easy to dent. However, if you have a large door to cover, you may opt for this material because it is lighter and will cause less stress on the mechanics of the door.

Fiberglass – Doors made from fiberglass are not easily dented, but they can break if you hit them with your car or the kids give them a big hit. They do have steel components that make them sturdier, but they won’t rust or dent like steel.

Vinyl – These doors are also built using a steel frame, making them more resilient. The benefits of this kind of door include being resistant to denting and being very durable. Not only will they withstand some of the kids banging them, but they are also easy to maintain. However, they do come in a limited variety of colors.

Garage Door Types Explained

As with anything, there are garage door types pros and cons. Sometimes it just comes down to personal preference and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, there is variation in garage door types and prices. Depending on the type you want on your home can make a big difference in the price you will pay. This is because of the workmanship and effort it takes to install the doors and the materials used to construct them. There are many garage door types images online and homeowners should make sure they do their research and do not rush into a decision because they feel pressured to buy.

Garage door types pros and cons are everywhere. To help sort through the information out there, we’ll simplify things to some basic garage door types. The types of garage doors include:

Swing out – These operate like French doors. They open from the middle and swing out to the sides. Therefore, there needs to be space on either side of the opening if you want them completely open. And, because they swing out, you need to make sure you are far enough away from them, so they can have enough clearance. If you want a remote to open the doors, there are special ones that can be installed. They only have one joint, so typically they will be more energy efficient.

Bi-fold – These are somewhat similar to swing-out doors, but they have another joint involved. Each side of the door has hinges through the center that allow them to fold. Again, you need to make sure you have clearance, so you can fully open them. The opening must be a little larger because it needs to accommodate the length of the folded door. Furthermore, you cannot use a remote control on these doors, they must be manually opened.

Sectional / Rollup – This is the most popular kind of garage doors. Remotes are typically used to open them. And if you have old doors, you might even be able to retrofit them with an opening device and not have to replace the entire door. They basically have sections of panels that are separated with joints. These joints roll up on a track to retreats back along the ceiling of the garage. These doors and panels can be insulated to create a great heated space for your home.

Sliding – These doors are like barn doors. They slide along a track that runs along the outside of the garage. The track they run on will have to be about twice the length of the actual door. This will allow full clearance into the garage. However, this kind of door is the least efficient of all the options.

Garage Door Styles

Homes come in many different styles and most homeowners will want a garage style that will match. Increasingly it’s becoming common to use garage doors in non-traditional applications such as restaurants and inside homes.It is important to keep the aesthetics of the home consistent. If you are not sure of the style you want, you can ask a professional or you can check out pictures online to give you a general idea. The following is a brief description of the styles of garage doors and what they might look like.

Carriage Doors – These provide a variety of different finishes and can increase the curb appeal of your entire home. It is a carriage house design that can be done in various styles.

Rustic – If you choose rustic garage doors, it is important that the home is rustic. Otherwise, they will seem out of place. However, if you have a rustic house, these kinds of doors will be a perfect match and will not look odd to those driving by your home.

Modern – Straight lines and bold colors will make your house stand out.

Mission / Craftsman – Choosing this kind of garage door will help enhance the style of your home. Many of these types of homes are bungalows and enjoy gabled roofs.

Traditional – This kind of door fits a variety of home styles. They are some of the most popular style of garage doors that homeowners choose. They will enhance your home’s appeal and offer great quality. These doors will last a long time and you won’t have to worry about them contrasting with your home.

Choosing the right garage door can be stressful. Sometimes, the full effect of the doors cannot be visualized until the job is done, but there are ways of using garage door types images superimposed on your garage to help you decide. Doing your research and finding the style, color, design, and material is important. And a professional can help you make decisions that will enhance your home and increase your curb appeal.