There are many applications that require garage door service Atlanta, GA for security, temperature control and ease of operation. Mechanic shops, warehouses, ranches and manufacturing facilities need the security and durability provided by commercial garage doors. The business function will determine the best type of commercial garage door to choose. Another consideration will be the space for the door to operate within the building.

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Roll-up sectional garage doors are in many ways the best doors to install. They provide good security with their interlocking sections that are hinged together. If desired, windows can be included within a section to allow for natural daylight and observation of the approach. This type of door does require more space than some others. Headroom is especially important for the tracks that this door runs on and folds into. Mechanic shops often use this type of closure, however. Once they are closed the panels or sections interlock and they fit in continuous side tracks. This makes it difficult to break into and protects valuable tools and projects that are inside. Some companies refer to this as “up and over” or overhead doors. These doors are often used in self-storage rental facilities. They can keep out both weather and pests when properly installed.

Another type of commercial garage door is the kind that runs from side to side. A rolling door of this type requires the least amount of operation space. A rolling commercial door can either slide in a track directly behind a wall or can be made in sections that roll around a cylinder to take up minimal side room. The side to side door may also be hinged and fold into a compact space. The rolling door does not require additional headroom above the track that it rides in and so is space saving in that way. Smaller versions of this type of door serve as closure for service windows within a shop. In certain instances, garage doors will be part of a firewall. In those applications, fire containment properties will be required. The materials will be fireproof and extra insulation will be mandatory.

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Commercial garage doors are not only used in shop applications. Warehouses use these types of doors to allow for pickup and delivery of stock or manufacturing materials. The expanded opening allows for deliveries to be brought into the building with greater ease. Plan to use commercial garage doors on loading docks as well. A building is only as secure as its openings. Another place to invest in commercial garage doors is barns. Heavy equipment like tractors requires a large opening. The investment farmers and ranchers make in their equipment or their livestock needs adequate protection just as trucks and equipment for urban commerce do. Often the side to side rolling door is the best choice in the barn doors that are taller and wider than most.

Commercial doors are part of the appearance of a company. The right door also aids in temperature control for the entire building. Select doors that have a weather resistant coating that is attractive and blends with the building. The finish should be chip and dent resistant to keep the facility looking nice. Insulation for commercial garage doors will go a long way toward managing the expense of heating and cooling the enclosed area. The individual panels should have an insulated core and the weather stripping at top and bottom should also reduce heat transfer.

There are many types of commercial garage doors. Your sales expert will assist you in determining the correct one for your needs. We offer more than just residential doors – we can also handle all of your commercial garage door needs. We’re All Four Seasons Garage Door Service Atlanta, GA. Call us at (770) 517-7078, or click on us: All Four Seasons Garage Door Service Atlanta, GA today.

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