Garage Door Repair

Garage doors require good maintenance services to keep them in a good condition. Installation and the repair of a garage door require full commitment and discipline from the individual involved. The basics of a garage door should be well known to the owner. The owner should understand the parts of the garage door they can fix by themselves and those that require services of an expert. 

Some injuries have been reported to occur in individuals carrying out the task of repairing garage doors by themselves.

Garage Door Repair

The most common injury associated with the garage door repair is the fingers or hand injury. This occurs when the finger or hand gets stuck in the section joint of the garage door. The  number of people who sustain this kind of injury is approximated to be around 20,000 annually. The finger or hand can be left badly injured, crushed or bruised.

Being trapped by the garage door is another common form of injury associated garage door repair. Improper installation of the photo eye sensors leads to safety risk when using the door. Inexperienced individuals trying to repair garage door by themselves could end up compromising the functioning of the photo eye sensor causing risks of entrapments.

Inexperienced individuals trying to repair an older garage door by themselves can actually compromise the safety of the garage door. It may just be wiser to install a brand new one.

Benefits of a new garage door

Decreased maintenance costs; the amount of maintenance performed on a new garage door are highly reduced. Scraping off the flaking paint is forgotten. One is only required to use water and soap to clean the new garage door.

Storage safety; new garage door ensure the safety of the property inside the garage. An old garage door can easily expose items inside the garage to bad weather conditions leading to their destruction. New garage doors usually come with barriers and insulation that helps protect your items from bad weather conditions.

Enhanced security; an upgraded garage door also ensures maximum safety of the items stored inside from dishonest members of the community. Modern insulated garage doors are not easily broken into or drilled by criminals compared to older wooden on uninsulated metal garage doors.Upgrading the garage door also comes with insurance benefits. You may end up paying fewer premiums to your insurer once you have put the safety measure in your home.

Replacing the garage doors also, could generate the better returns on investment at resale. Replacement or repairing of your garage door highly increases the curb appeal.

Replacement of your garage home significantly improves the appearance of your home. A new garage door is capable of creating a distinction between your home and that of your neighbors.

Or you can fix up that old garage door.

Tips to fixing a dented garage door panel

A square of wood is placed on the distending side of the dent. The dent is then straightened by tapping the square with an elastic hammer.

The indented area is sanded with progressively finer grit sandpaper.

 Blend a bit of auto body epoxy with hardener on scrap cardboard. Apply as smoothly as possible, but don’t worry about getting it perfect (you’re going to sand it later)

The filler is then applied to the indented area on the completed side of the garage door using a plastic putty knife.

The repair is the sand using a bit of 120-coarseness sandpaper for smoothing.

Then the repair is painted using a groundwork meant for metal applications.

The whole venture is then completed by painting the whole garage door using paint meant for outside metal surfaces.

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