Common Commercial Garage Door Problems and Solutions

A non-operating commercial garage door can be a source of great trepidation. The fear is as a result of anticipating high repair bills and the dangers a broken garage door portends to the security of your business. However, most commercial garage doors in places such as warehouse, auto-shops and airports can be repaired or replaced easily by a professional garage door dealer or technician. Below is a list of common garage door problems and their solutions.

Creaky door chain and hinges

The best way to keep your garage door hinges and door in proper working condition is to make sure it is well lubricated. This periodic exercise will also increase the lifespan of your garage door. However, the lubricating exercise should be performed using appropriate silicone based lubricants.


Garage doesn’t respond to the openers

When you try to press the control button on your wall opener or remote control and the door doesn’t open the door, the problem can be traced to the power source. When this problem occurs, check the motor to see if it is plugged in. In some cases you may be forced to replace the opener remote control or battery. If none of these procedures work, call for help.

Worn out weather-stripping

The weather stripping rubber found at the bottom of the garage door is designed to seal and insulate the garage, in addition to keeping out elements such as dirt, water and insects. The weather-stripping will however, wear out over time and fortunately, it is very easy to replace.

Door doesn’t close properly

If your commercial garage door doesn’t close as it should, the first thing you need to do is check and make sure nothing including is blocking the sensor at the bottom of the door. The pattern of flashes appearing garage door motor can also help you know if there is a problem. You can learn more about the flashes from your garage door opener manual.

Worn out springs

The torsion spring is one of the most common components in a garage door. The spring typically lasts about 10,000 cycles, depending on the frequency in which the garage door is opened or closed. The process of replacing the torsion spring requires a garage door specialist because of the underlying danger or risk of getting hurt.

Garage door remote controller not working

If your garage door remote is not responding to instructions to open or close, there are several things you can do:

  • Move the remote closer to the door or within range
  • Reprogram the remote
  • Check to make sure the motor unit antenna is facing down
  • It is important to note that critical repairs and adjustments of the remote controller should only be performed by a professional service company or certified technician.

Frayed cables

If your garage door has frayed cables, contact a professional garages door expert or dealer immediately to have the problem solved. Never attempt to remove or repair the cable by yourself because it can cause injuries.

Misaligned Tracks

 A commercial garage door track that is out of alignment can pose serious problems during operation. Common signs of a track that is out of alignment include emergence of bends on the rails and the appearance of bigger gaps between the rollers and the rail. The problem can get even worse if the rails are not in position to hold the weight of the door. If your commercial garage door reaches a point where you cannot operate it efficiently, call for help immediately.

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