7 Unique Garage Door Construction and Design Makeovers

For some people, a garage is just a place where they keep their car but for others, it is a hobby shop and so much more. Not a lot of homeowners realize that a fantastic looking garage door can transform the look of their property. Garage doors that are well designed and installed are also known to make a property attractive in the real estate market. Often times, the replacement or makeover doesn’t even have to be time consuming – especially when some professional help is sought. A small garage makeover project can often turn a drab looking garage into something that is practical, unique, and quite fancy.

10 Unique Construction and Design Ideas for Garage Doors 

Multi Pane Door Makeover – When the sidewalk and driveway are too small, the garage door design can often help to create an illusion of space. Instead of a dull garage door, a multi pane door can help to stream in some light into the garage, and a fresh coat of paint can uplift the entire look. Making this switch would also be nothing short of a makeover.

Contrasting Paint – Often, a fresh coat of paint can do the job. A simple garage door that is painted similar to the color of the house can get lost in the decor. To make it stand out, a unique color that contrasts with the rest of the house along with a newly built facade can be added, along with trellis.

Minimalist Details – Some people like their home and garage to blend in with their neighbourhood and that is fine. The way to use minimalism in garage doors is by going the geometric way – with neutral shades and the color scheme matching that of the shutters/windows of the house.

Contemporary Design – Minimalistic garage door styles that are also contemporary are trending right now. Apart from switching to a panelled garage door with windows, it might also help to add some texture in the area around the garage. This can include plants. Adding a bit of accenting can also help with the contemporary vibe of the property.

Playing With Heights – There are some garages that seem to be divided from the rest of the house and that creates design problems. The biggest culprit in these cases in the roofline. If a garage has a massive roof, the details of the door would get swallowed in the height. Instead, a smaller roof that only shades the garage door can be used to create a nice landscape. It would tie the entire property together quite well.

Integration With Distinction – Instead of allowing the garage to melt in with the rest of the house by painting the garage door with the same color, it is best to separate it by adding some plants along the sidewalk, and giving it a fresh coat of paint. The pattern on the door can also be changed to emphasize this integration by distinction.

Modern And Classy – By taking a few fancy design decisions, homeowners can actually do a lot of good for their property. It begins by choosing a garage door with trims as they are trending right now. Enhancing the curb appeal with unique materials can also add to the look.

Overall, the things that can be done by homeowners include bold accenting to highlight the garage area in the house, airy and light panelling in the door for improved ventilation, popping up the roofline over the garage, adding nice windows to either side of the garage, designing the area around the garage, and choosing a cross hatched door for a traditional feel.

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