Schools out, the family vacation has been taken, and now the kids start in with “I’m bored”. There are many ways to keep your kids happy over their summer vacation, especially if there is work around the house that has been put off because no one had the time to do it. If you have older children, you can offer to pay them to clean out the garage, attic, or basement. Once everything has been sorted and put away, any items that are no longer wanted are a great way for your child to make some extra money by hosting a garage sale.

If you have teens a good way to keep them occupied is to help them find a part time job. They will make new friends, learn responsibility, establish a solid work ethic,and learn financial responsibility. There are many places who are willing to hire teens as young as fourteen years old. Some suggestions for places to apply for employment are: swimming pools, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, retail stores they like to shop in, amusement parks, or pet stores.

Another fun idea for teens is to make and sell crafts at the local Farmer’s Market. Another option could be putting together a day camp for younger children in the neighborhood; they could teach crafts, play games and tell stories for a few hours a day to earn a little money. Once they are earning their own money they won’t be coming to you for money for the mall.

Another fun idea to get the kids involved is to plan a movie night under the stars. They could hand out fliers to the neighbors, prepare and sell popcorn. You could show the movie against the garage door or hang a sheet in the back yard.

Your local recreation departments, YMCA, and local community colleges, many times have summer term classes on a multitude of subjects such as: dance, art, cooking,music, videography, and sports. You may need to purchase some materials for the classes, however, your child may find a new hobby that may develop into a lifelong passion.

Another idea if your child is creative and artistic, allow them to graffiti your garage door. It’s a great way to let them express themselves while allowing them to create a masterpiece. The great thing about this is you can always paint over it and let them create another masterpiece at a later time.

If you have smaller children there is a multitude of activities to keep them occupied. Kids love to get dirty, you can help them plant a garden and give them a sense of accomplishment when the garden starts to produce flowers or vegetables they planted. If space is limited you can plant a mobile garden that the children are obligated to take care of. You can use anything as a planter such as: a concrete block is great for planting onions, an old wheelbarrow can be used to plant beans or tomato plants. If you use broken garden containers make sure to put holes in the bottom for drainage. Also by putting a layer of gravel in the bottom below the soil or the plant roots will rot.

There is nothing like having a teddy bear or dolly picnic. They can help make the picnic lunch, and this is something you can do this daily that the kids will love doing. Also you cannot go wrong with bubbles. You can buy large bottles at the dollar store or make your own with a little dish soap and water. The kids will have lots of fun and get exercise chasing them.

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