Painting Garage Doors Suwanee GA

The painting requirements for garage doors vary, depending upon the material. Wooden doors, for instance, need to be finished every year because they are more prone to damage and are vulnerable to weather conditions. Metal doors, on the other hand, are a lot more durable. However, wooden garage doors are unmatched when it comes to aesthetics, beauty, design and style. Before painting a garage door, it is important to keep all the necessary tools and items handly. For people who have never attempted this task before, the following tips can be used for ensuring that the results are as professional looking as possible –

Paint and Tool Buying Tips – Start with the primer. This should especially be done if you are moving to a starkly contrasting shade of color from your previous choice. Dark colors definitely require a primer beforehand. Only buy outdoor paint and keep the material of your garage door in mind. Different paints are bought for wooden doors and metal doors require a different kind of paint as well. Latex based paint is usually the best since it allows you to paint the door in layers and sections. You can simply use a roller on the door for achieving a smooth and even finish.

Prep the Door – Prepping of the door would determine how great the results look and how long they last. It is the preparation that separates rookies from professionals. So, if there is any previous paint on the door, use sandpaper and sand it all out. Make sure the surface is even and smooth. Rust, if any, should also be removed. There should be no dust, debris or any form of dirt on the door. A power washing can be used for ensuring that the door is completely clean. The final step of the prepping process is where the primer comes in. The primer protects the material of the door from harmful environmental forces.

Prep Yourself and the Area – You cannot work with paint that is toxic in nature. It is best to go for eco-friendly door paint but if you are using the regular kind, make sure you are wearing a protective mask. Also, ensure that you are wearing old clothes that would not be ruined if you accidentally drip some paint on them. The entire area should be sectioned off. Cover the floor with newspapers and cardboard sheets. Make sure you get a good pair of protective gloves and put them on to protect your hand from splinters while sanding the door and not getting any paint underneath your fingernails. Cover your hair as well.

Paint the Door – Apply the first layer in small but smooth strokes. Make sure you are covering every inch of the door. If you use a roller on the door, you would be covering a large area at once but make sure it is a good quality roller. Otherwise you might get drip marks from the paint. It is best to wait for a good day that isn’t too hot or too cold to paint the door. You should never paint the garage door during the rainy season because a quick shower can ruin all your handy work. Before you go for another layer, make sure the previous layer is completely dry.

Finish the Door – If you want your steel door to look polished and beautiful, you can always top it up with some matte or gloss finish. A satin finish also looks great and modern.

These tips would ensure that the paint job of your garage door goes perfectly and there is no need for a rework.

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