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Expensive and Extravagant Garages

A garage is just a place to store a car and their doors are just garage doors right? Or is it? Some celebrities and other people have turned them into a lot more with a lot of creativity and money. The results are not just expensive, extravagant, but also extraordinary as well. I am going to share with you the top ten garages worldwide.

The person who made the bottom of the list is Jerry Seinfeld that along with housing cars, could be a house as well.Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld keeps his Porsche’s in a location in plain sight behind garage doors in a Manhattan side street. It is kept discreet by a plain cover and an elevator takes guests down to garage that is below ground. It has three stories and it is where he keeps his forty-six Porsche’s, an eight-hundred and forty-four square foot living space that has a club room with a pool table, a small kitchen, and an office. It is kept safe and climate controlled by a computer and it is said that Seinfeld can possibly get information on what is going on in with his automobiles and garage just by checking on his phone. Even though it has all that any home could ever need, he actually lives three blocks from there on Central Park West. This garage home set him back $500,000. The next garage I am going to tell you about is the garage that is located next to Harrods.

The reason that this next garage cost $850,000 is because of its location. The features and style are not the reason it is expensive, its location is. It is only six point four meters wide and four point seventy five meters deep, but it is for sale at the price I mentioned above. The price is the same as what people would pay for three regular sized homes in the United Kingdom. The cost of it is because it is right in one of the major areas in Britain, specifically Rysbrack St. near Harrods in Knightsbridge. Another reason is because rural parking is not easy to find in Knightsbridge. A million dollar garage in New York is the next one in line.This private parking garage is located in an eight-story post-war building that was used as a parking space and, at this time, is being used for condominium units. The spot is only being offered to people that reside in the building, the sale will be treated as an actual property transaction and comes with a separate deed of sale and contract. The person that purchases it will be billed for maintenance fees of the parking spot. For a million dollars, the person that purchases it gets a parking garage with direct street entry that happens because of a curb in front of the garage door, with is perfect for a lift, which is good if the person who buys the garage chooses to store more than one vehicle there. This next million dollar garage has a Las Vegas theme.

This next garage is owned by a Las Vegas native and Forty4 Asset Management CIO Francis Wisniewski wanted a taste of home in his garage in Chicago Illinois, with a Las Vegas theme. It is in downtown Chicago in a rectangular 15,000 square foot garage.It has a wonderful “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, an avenue decorated with glistening red pillars and even a tiny basketball court. It has a gambling room (though he cannot legally operate a gambling business) in one part of it, that also holds an extra large craps table. In the same room, he also stores his collection of sports memorabilia. His vehicles are located in the sides, with half of them kept in lifts that cost $5,000 each and they help save space in the garage. It shines bright like a car showroom. He stated that the electrical work cost him $200,000 while the ventilation system also cost him the same amount. It took him nine months to design the garage and another nine months to build it.

As you see, these people plus many others have a way of making what could be just a simple garage into something very special.Other people have done wonderful things with their garages. Craig Jackson, the CEO of a car company had his garage made to look like a tire. Software engineer Tom Gonzales has a garage that looks like a mansion that stores the majority of his motorcycles and vehicles, but the top of his collection is kept in an underground lower floor that people can get to in a sixty foot long, 12 foot wide, and 15 feet high elevator. The underground storage is climate controlled and very big. Ralph Lauren keeps his vehicle collection in a former car dealership and he calls it the D.A.D. garage (which he named after his children David, Andrew, and Dylan), it has two floors, black floors, the cars are stored under bright halogen lamps, and the walls and pillars are white as to not take attention off of the vehicles. John Travolta’s garage can hold a Gulfstream jet and a Boeing 707, the maintenance vehicles that they require, has space for fifteen automobiles to park, and also has 1.4 mile runway that leads to the garage. Jay Leno’s garage is named the Big Dog garage, is spread across two buildings, is 17,000 square feet long, and consists of a machine shop, a fabrication shop, and a kitchen. The garage is the number one expensive garage worldwide is the garage that is owned by Hamad Bin Hamdan al-Nahyan and he keeps his automobiles in a climate-controlled garage that is shaped like a pyramid in the middle of the desert in Abu Dhabi. Since it is also the Emirates National Auto Museum, some people say that it has walkways, streetlights, painted streets, park benches, and even a rotunda. This extraordinary museum houses over 200 cars that consist of a Chicago Highway Patrol Car, a $755,000 Rolls Royce, a replica 1886 Mercedes, a Russian WWII tank and the biggest Dodge jeep, plus more in the world over three stories high. With these examples, you can see that people can take what is just meant to be a place to store cars and turn it in a house or even a museum.

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