Garage doors protect the section of a house that oftentimes store some of a family’s most prized possessions. Many people park their vehicles in the car port in order to utilize the garage for that purpose. What some have found out over time is that the garage door is the most vulnerable point when it comes to home security since they’ve experienced break-ins that occurred through that point. Not only does it offer easy entry to criminals but it also provides a haven for them if they intend to attack the homeowners upon arrival.

With that said, securing your home is important but special attention must also be paid to the garage which is the homes weakest point. Here are some garage safety tips to help keep you and your family safe.

1. Keep door between house and garage locked

It is better to be safe than sorry, so bear the inconvenience of having to open your door by putting two locks on it or using a dead bolt. The extra seconds to get inside is worth it. The door should be solid as well and not a typical bathroom or bedroom door which can be easily kicked in. Make sure it has an angled peephole when you need to peep inside your garage for possible intruders.

2. Make sure the safety release is secure

Securing the emergency release is of utmost importance. Even if you tie something to it, the door will still be operable.

3. Do not leave the garage remote in your vehicle
This has been the downfall of too many people who forget the remote in their vehicles. This can be easily spotted by a thief who will break into the vehicle to remove it. It’s best to connect the remote to your keychain along with your main keys.

4. Use a modern Automatic Garage Door Opener
If you have one of the older model garage openers, then your code can easily be cracked. Therefore you need to upgrade. Thieves can easily use a decoder to lock into your garage door remote signal and retain the information to use later for breaking into your home via the garage. Modern automatic garage openers come equipped with advance features that allows the security code to change every time you use the remote to open the door. It is now impossible for thieves to grab your code and use it as the system will require another code for the door to be opened the next time. If you are not sure whether your opener carries that feature, check the remote or contact your security provider to be on the safe side.

5. Install a door without windows
The first thing most criminals do is peer inside the garage to see if a vehicle is parked inside. Keep them guessing by installing a door without windows or by frosting the windows.

6. Keep door to the garage closed
If you are not outside your garage or using it, there is no reason to leave the door open. This is an invitation to criminals.

7. Padlock doors to garage when out of town
Padlock the doors to the garage when you are away for extended periods. This makes it even harder for thieves to enter or simply act as a deterrent to criminals. Also remove the external keypad if you have one as it really is not that important to keep.

Remember that maintaining the door to your garage is just as important as taking care of your vehicle, your plumbing or anything else of importance to you. Practice these safety tips with your family as often as possible.

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