So, you have a noisy door in your garage that rattles or does not lift properly. You are wondering what you might do to fix it without completely replacing it. Of course, it is a good idea to make sure your garage doors Marietta GA works correctly. Don’t wait until it is broken, instead, upkeep for anything of value such as cars, appliance and even garage doors. If you need to make a garage door tune-up, there are several steps you can take to spice it up, stop the noise and help it work smoothly.

1. Lubricate

Begin the tune-up process by lubricating the tracks, pulleys and all rollers with WD-40 or “another lightweight” oil. Make sure you do not use grease as this will catch dirt and clump up, making the door less manageable rather than getting it to work better.

2. Remove Damaged Parts

If any rollers are damaged, remove them by taking off the nuts that hold the roller brackets. As the bracket is pulled off, the roller will come with it. Replace with new rollers.

3. Clean the Roller Bearings

A mixture of kerosene and mineral spirits makes a great cleaner for roller bearings. Let them sit in this solution for about a half an hour. Brush any built up dirt from it with an old toothbrush or paint brush.

4. Tighten Any Hardware

First, check to make sure that everything connected to your door is tight. As with anything that is used often, parts can come loose. With a door that swings up, tighten all the screws on the plates. If your door rolls up, check the hinges and make sure they are not loose. Replace any screws or hinges that are damaged or appear to be breaking down. You may have to remove a screw to take to the hardware store to find the correct size. If a hole is stripped, adding a wood filler may help narrow the hole so the screw fits correctly. If the door has cracked around the hinge, purchase a new hinge and use a wood filler to fix the crack.

5. Track System

Sometimes the metal tracks develop dents or areas flatten. Using a rubber mallet or hammer and a piece of wood, try and smooth the dents out, carefully. You may have to replace them if they are too damaged. Using a level, check to see if the tracks are in proper alignment. The vertical tracks will run perpendicular and the horizontal ones will angle away, facing toward the back of the garage. Adjust the brackets, tighten any bolts, and use a commercial cleaner for the tracks. Use WD-40 to lubricate them for better performance.

6. Noisy Rollers

Continuing your garage tune up, check for any noises. When your rollers make a terrible noise as you move them across the tracks, this means that the tracks are not aligned correctly. This is why it is important to use the level to make sure they are in proper alignment. If you checked the plumb and everything appears correct, check one more time. If trying to align the tracks does not work, you may need help with your door.

7. Check the Nylon Rollers/Pulleys

As time passes, pulleys and nylon rollers may develop cracks or get off balance. When you need to replace them, you should be able to find the parts at a local hardware store. Remove the old parts, perhaps taking them with you for reference. As you remove them, do not damage the roller bracket at the bottom. This holds the cable that is under tension. This can pose a safety issue.

8. Lift Cable

If your lift cable has broken pieces, especially where it is connected to the roller bracket, you are going to want to clean it with a brush to remove broken strands and dirt. This cable is under tension and you must not touch it with your hands. If this cable is broken, call a professional garage door repair Marietta GA company to replace it.

As you complete the tune up for your garage doors Marietta GA, make sure to lubricate any component that will enhance the performance of the door. Overall, you may be able to save money and avoid damages that will cost more for repair later. At the same time, if there are problems with the door that may put you in danger, don’t take your chances. Call for assistance. You may pay a little more than you expected, but it will ensure the job is done correctly and you do not get injured in the process.

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