At one time or another all garage doors need some tender loving care. Weather conditions, dust, humidity, and wear and tear all take its toll on garage doors Marietta GA. You always want to look first at the simple things that can be done to quiet the noise. Most times you will be able to fix a noisy garage door without spending too much time or money – just follow a few simple steps.

1. It’s All About Nuts and Bolts

The constant opening and closing of your garage door will eventually loosen a few bolts to the point where it rattles. It’s a simple operation to tighten all doors and track hardware, using a deep socket wrench for the job. More than half of the noisy garage doors Marietta GA are fixed just by tightening loose hardware.

There’s only one thing to remember when doing this job – don’t over-tighten the bolts. A simple project can turn into a major headache in ones enthusiasm for doing the job right. The two major problems with over-tightening hardware are:

  • Pulling the bolt head through the door skin and striping the lag screw heads
  • Tightening in this sense means snugging up the bolts with a small amount of torque

2. Squeaky Hinges

The hinges on garage doors are exposed to the elements and as such can make a noise that rivals a nail scratching glass. This high pitched sound can make you neighborhood dogs howl, but you can easily remedy this problem.

Some people immediately grab for their common household oil, but this type of oil only gives temporary relief. It’s suggested that a silicone based spray be used or spray oil made especially for garage hinges. This type of lubricant will last much longer than 3 in 1 oil and reduces wear on moving parts. Hinges that are severely damaged must be replaced. How can you tell if hinges are damaged? The first sign to look for is gray, metal dust filings around the hinge pin. These metal filings indicate that metal rubbing against metal has worn the integrity of the fit; hinges that are worn to this degree cannot be fixed, they must be replaced.

3. Repair and Replace Worn Track Rollers

Track rollers wear over time, creating door wobble and rattling that can drive you crazy. On further investigation you may find that the rollers used on your door have unsealed bearings. Dust and dirt get caught in the bearing causing the bearing to wobble and sometimes seize. It’s at this point that you must consider replacing the roller with a nylon, sealed bearing roller. The cost may be a bit higher compared to the OEM part, but the longevity of this type of roller will probably outlast the door itself.

Most garage doors Marietta GA use torsion springs, so you want to be extra cautious about repairing and replacing rollers under tension. Dismantling the torsion springs is one suggestion, but adjusting them back to a workable state can be tricky. You may want to consider hiring a professional installer if too many rollers are worn.

4. Noisy Drive Chain

If you see your garage door jerking upon opening and closing, then you should take a closer look at the drive chain. The drive chain itself usually holds up pretty well, but a slight movement in the motor head or the garage arch will cause the chain to make noise. The owner’s manual has instructions for adjusting chain tension and maintenance.

If the noise you hear cannot be pinpointed to one particular problem, then start with the simple fixes first. In some cases a simple vibration pad will do the trick and you have fixed the problem without replacing any parts.

For more information on how to fix noisy garage doors or for professional help, call your garage doors Marietta GA experts at 678-981-8454 today!