A family camping trip is a great idea, particularly as the weather gets warmer and the great outdoors beckons. Planning such a trip can seem like an overwhelming proposition until one realizes all the great options near Atlanta for families to camp out and explore it. There are numerous campgrounds near Atlanta that provide a variety of experiences whether this trip will be your families first time or you come from a clan of experienced campers.

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is close to downtown Atlanta and it has routinely been rated one of the best locations in the entire state of Georgia for outdoor activities. The campgrounds has special sites for those traveling with a RV as well as areas designated solely for families who want to enjoy sleeping outdoors in a tent or underneath the sky.
Red Top is another great park that’s very close to Atlanta and is perfect for families. There are grills and fire pits scattered throughout the campsite so a family can gather and cook delicious meals outdoors every night.

Shady Grove Campground

Shady Grove Campground is another beautiful locale close to Atlanta that is perfect for a family trip. This area allows people to camp right on the lake so the views are beautiful and it’s great for a family that loves to swim or canoe.
Many campsites also have rules and regulations for campers to follow so it’s important to make sure you and your family understands these and is able to comply with them. For example, some campgrounds in the Atlanta have quiet hours so if your kids are going to be loud and engaging in horseplay, you may need to find a campground that caters specifically to families. Once you’ve decided what campground you wish to stay at, make sure you make a reservation. Campgrounds get packed during the summer and there’s no worse feeling that drive a significant distance and finding out that there’s no room for you and your family.

And Many More Ideas

Many campgrounds also hold special events during weekends throughout the camping seasons. There are festivals and performances for the whole family to enjoy. It may be a good idea to camp in one of these locations particularly if your kids are not completely sold on the idea of spending the night outdoors. It’s also a good idea to choose a campground that had many features besides the traditional camping spots. A place with great hiking trails or a pool or lake ensures that the entire family will have fun on vacation. Renting canoes or kayaks is also a fun idea.

Family Trip

It’s also a good idea to ask people what they want to do. Family trips work best when everyone feels included and is able to contribute to the planning. You never know which family member may have a great idea for some wholesome fun.

It’s also important to include the purchase of proper equipment as part of your planning. Not only will you ensure that you and your family are prepared for the great outdoors, you can also make sure to connect and have the opportunity to speak with experts regarding various campgrounds.

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