So you were hitting golf balls in the front yard, minding your own business. All of a sudden, a horrific wind picked up, redirecting your ball (the one that had been carefully gliding across the grass) smack into the garage door window! That might not be exactly what happened but that’s your story and you’re sticking to it, especially since your wife has told you a thousand times not to hit golf balls in the front yard.

The best way to get back in to her good graces is to fix the damage as quickly as possible without spending a lot of money. A phone call or trip to the local hardware or building store will tell you where to go to get a replacement pane cut.

The steps to replace the window in a steel or aluminum door are as follows:

1- Figure out if the the old window pane needs to be removed from the inside or the outside of the garage. Next, measure the window pane size.

2- Using a putty knife, remove the old panes by lightly prying the plastic lips from the area that secures the glass pane. Gently lift the windowpane out, being careful of any jagged edges. Save a piece of the glass that is large enough to take with you to the building store in order to match the thickness of it to the replacement glass.

3- Place the new pane of glass carefully into the panel. Spread a narrow line of caulking all around the edges to seal it.

4- Using liquid cement, secure the plastic lips around the window pane. Allow it to dry completely before moving the door.

Repairing a broken window pane in a wooden garage door is a little different than in an aluminum or steel door, this is the way it goes:

1-Determine whether the window panes need to be removed from the inside or outside of the garage. Measure the size of the window pane.

2-In order to remove the broken window pane in a wooden garage door, take the wood frame that contains the broken pane out with the sharp edge of a putty knife. Be sure to only cut the amount that is necessary in order to get the broken glass out and the replacement piece in. Be extremely cautious when handling broken glass and dispose of it in a safe manner.

3- Take a small piece of the broken window to the building store and have the thickness of it matched in a new piece of glass that is cut to the right size.

4- Carefully transport the new pane of glass home and place it into the empty panel, sealing all around the edges with a thin line of caulking.

5- Secure the wooden frame back to the window pane by using a small amount of wood putty. Allow ample time for the putty to dry completely before using the door.

If you run into any problems while you’re repairing the garage window, the folks at the home building store can sometimes answer your questions and give good advice. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from family members who might have experience in this area.

Now that the garage window is as good as new, make sure to put the golf clubs out of sight before your wife gets home. It wouldn’t hurt to have a nice bouquet of her favourite flowers waiting also.

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