How to Make Your Garage a Pest-Free Place

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Animals and bugs desire a place to keep them safe from the elements, food, and shelter. Getting rid of what attracts them and preventing them from entering your garage can be done with very little expense by utilizing pesticides and traps, based on what pests may inhabit your garage. The first step is to deep clean your garage.

The first step in keeping a garage free of pests is to take all of the items out of the garage, sweep the floors, and use a portable fan to dry any areas that obviously have moisture on them. The reason for this is that moisture can attract bugs. Another reason to clean out your garage is that clothes, boxes, and other items may provide a home for tiny animals and bugs. The next step is to give your garage a thorough inspection.

After your garage is cleaned out, it needs a thorough inspection. The walls, windows, storage eaves, and the inside of the roof need to be inspected with a flashlight to locate cracks, holes, and other openings to find animals and insects that may currently be living there. Animals may not always be visible, but their remains may be as well as their droppings, sawdust, insect webs, bugs nests, signs of chewing on weather insulation, shopping bags, wood, cloth, or wires are clues that animals have been there or they live there. Document what areas need attention for reference and for planning for what areas of the garage that need care. The next step is to get rid of any pests that may currently be living there.

To get rid of pests that may currently live in your garage, put pesticides out or catch and release pests with a broom or dust pan, trash bag, or a sturdy box. If there is a large insect infestation or a lot of nests, use pesticides or contact a pest control company. Employing a pest control company is a good idea if larger animals have been spotted in the garage or you believe that are present in your garage. The reason for this is that some animals have diseases and may bite or scratch you if they are not handled with care. If tiny pests are the issue, put out mechanical traps with bait in them, adhesive traps, or baits that have poison in them in the corners of your garage or where you think they may be entering your garage from. There are a few more tips to follow when attempting to keep your garage pest free.

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If you are trying to keep your garage pest-free, you should block the entrances in walls, foundations, and doors with silicone caulk. You should also keep food out of the garage by keeping the grill clean and keeping trash with food particles in it out of the garage until trash day. Another idea to keep your garage pest-free is to put out pesticide powder, spray or traps (around the inside and outside walls), windows, doors, and roof eaves. Keep your garage free of clutter as much as possible and always ensure that you have a clear path to the traps so you can regularly check them. The next step that you should do is check your weather stripping all over your garage and replace it if needed. Lastly, put out more pesticides as needed and replace used traps as needed and unused traps when the manufacturer says to.

And don’t forget the weatherstripping. Not only does it keep out the elements, but it protects the interior from unwanted insects and animals.

Following these instructions and tips will make your garage a pest-free place that you and your family can not only store your cars and items, but enjoy it and have fun in it for years to come. Being pest-free will save you a lot of energy, money, and time and make your garage a pleasurable place to be.

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