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Keep Your Garage Door In Good Shape

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Most people don’t give their garage door any more thought than their front door. As long as it appears to be in good shape and operates, they use it. However, a garage door is a bigger danger when it malfunctions than a front door could ever be and as such deserves a closer look for potential malfunctioning. A good homeowner does periodic checks of the exterior of their homes, but many don’t know what or when to begin inspecting their garage doors so here’s some tips on when that should be done and what to look for.

Everything had a working life and the same applies to garage doors and their parts. Some parts on garage doors can begin to exhibit wear and failure somewhere between 6 and 8 years. This might not sound like a big deal, but with a garage door that this stored overhead, this turns a door into a hazard. A malfunctioning garage door can fall on a car, causing a lot of damage, but even worse, it can fall on a person, sometimes resulting in a trip to the hospital. Garage doors are heavy and people have been hurt or even killed when one fell on them.

Some signs that it might be time for a service call to the garage door specialist include: slow or jerky movements when the garage door is raising or lowering, excessive noise or squeaking when the garage door is in operation or the garage door getting stuck temporarily when in operation. All these are signs that parts of the garage door mechanism are wearing out and a service call can save money and anguish later on. Even without those signs if the garage door is more than five years old, an inspection can pinpoint parts that are aging and can be replaced before they fail.

If you are in doubt, a simple visual inspection can give you clues as if it’s time to call in the experts. Look at the tracks the garage door runs on as well as the springs. If you see rust or there are bends that were not there before, then it’s time to bring in the pros. In addition, a word to the do-it-yourselfer, garage door springs are under a tremendous amount of tension so if you are unsure, this is a project to be left to the professionals. A garage door spring suddenly let loose can do a tremendous amount of damage to people and property, far more than a service call to a garage door specialist. We recommend, of course, All Four Seasons Garage Door Spring Replacement Decatur GA

Another item for your garage door inspection are the seals both on the sides and bottom. Even if there is a door between your home and garage, leaks caused by aging seals can result in a loss of heat or cooling and cause a rise in your energy bill. Poorly sealed garages also make an easy way for pests to enter the garage and eventually your home. A simple visual inspection of your garage door from time to time will keep you apprised of any potential dangers and a call to your garage door specialist can address those dangers before they become a danger to your family or property.

A properly maintained garage door can last for decades, even if the parts that operate it do not. If you think there is a problem, then make a call to your garage door specialist for an inspection. Making that call today, can prevent an accident tomorrow, so if you suspect a problem or it’s simply been a while, then make the call.

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