Easy Home Maintenance Tips

Whether you are a first time owner or have had your house for years you probably have a ton of questions about how to best maintain your home and property. Different types of homes have different needs- for example a large ranch in the country will have different repair criteria than an apartment in the city. However there are many commonalities between repair questions- especially when it comes to indoor maintenance and repair. In the following article we will go over some of the best tips to educate you about how to best go about home maintenance for your home or apartment. 

Proper washer and dryer maintenance

One of the leading energy and money sinks in a home are the washer and dryers. Not only do they use a ton of electricity they can be expensive to fix if broken. Proper maintenance of washer and dryer sets can save a home owner money in repair costs, electricity costs, and possible damage to your home from dryer related incidents such as fire or heat damage. Every 6 months you should vacuum the dryer exhaust to prevent build up of lint and other flammable materials. If you have a replaceable duct make sure you change it out once a year. With regard to the washer make sure that you check the pipes in and the drain to make sure you are not leaking any extra water.

Check the caulking and seams around your windows twice yearly

Another important area of home repair is making sure that your windows are properly sealed. There are two main reasons this is such an important piece of proper home maintenance. The first is that leaks in and around your windows can cause heat to escape in the winter and cool air to escape during the summer. This will exacerbate your heating and cooling costs due to having less effective insulation. Leaking windows can also allow water and other elements to enter your home which can lead to damage to your possessions and even the structure of your home. Take some time twice a year- typically at the beginning of each season to make sure that you have properly caulked windows and that air and the elements cannot enter or escape when the window is closed.

Replace your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries every year

This tip seems obvious but many home owners fail to replace these batteries and this can have terrible consequences for both your property and possibly even your health or your life. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will typically alert property owners with a high pitched beep when they need to have their batteries replaced but making sure that they are still functional is still an important home maintenance step. Every year you should do a check of all of your detectors to not only make sure that their batteries are full but that each detector is working correctly and can help to protect your home and family from fire damage or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Having a home can be a time consuming an expensive proposition but if you stick with proper home maintenance you can drastically cut down on both your home maintenance costs and the time and effort you will spend dealing with home matters. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that all of the time you spend preventing items in your home from breaking is nothing compared to the time that you will spend if something important like your insulation or home dryer and washer break down.

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