Amarr Garage Doors

When it comes to garage doors, the brand name matters a lot. Since a garage holds one of the most prized possessions of most people – the car – it needs to be of top quality. Design is also an important aspect. Choosing a good brand ensures that the build and make of the garage door is top notch. It also assures the owner about the longevity of the door. Most garage door manufacturers offer a variety of garage door types along with a wide choice of materials. Amarr Garage Doors is one such company that people can completely trust. Here are a few things about this garage door manufacturing brand. 

About the Company

Amarr Garage Doors is actually a part of another company called Entrematic. This company is an automation brand that has a cumulative experience of two centuries. The range of warehouse and automation solutions provided by Entrematic is wide and one of the most vast in the world. Amarr Garage Doors is a garage door manufacturing company that has been in business since 1951. They specialize in sectional garage doors that are basically space saving and convenient doors with multiple sections. The biggest retail partners of Amarr include Window World, Costco Warehouses, Sears and Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Products Offered

Amarr Garage Doors offers two major kinds of commercial and residential garage doors. This includes rolling sheet garage doors and sectional garage doors. Their carriage doors are reinforced with steel and are a particular favorite in the industry because of their superior design and long life. They also offer state of the art entrance systems for maximum security facilities. The company offer garage door openers as well and their two quintessential technologies in this category include – Linear and LiftMaster.

Accessories Offered

The accessories for door offered by Amarr are smartphone door controllers, ceiling mounts, control panels, remote controls, mini remote controls, multi-door controls, universal door controls, keyless entry systems, motion detecting door control panels, wireless control panels, remote light controls, smart door controls, door monitors, laser parking accessories, surge protectors, remote lights, battery backup systems, and wall stations.


Amarr Garage Doors offer doors in two materials – steel and wood. Steel doors of Amarr require minimal maintenance and come with a baked on coating. Amarr offers cleaning tips for their steel doors to ensure that the door lasts for a long time and doesn’t create any problems for the owners. The maintenance schedule needs to be followed annually. Various colors are available for the steel door and the designs are also wide and varied. Amarr recommends going for the steel doors if durability is an important factor.

Wooden doors offered by Amarr are for those people who need a wide variety when it comes to design considerations. These doors look natural as aesthetics are important to Amarr’s customers. There are customization options available with the wooden doors and this is the reason why they are a bit costlier than other doors. Also, wooden doors, in general, require a bit more maintenance than other materials. Painting, priming and staining is necessary for the door before it becomes fit to use. This only has to be repeated every year with the appropriate finishing to ensure that the door always looks as good as new.

Why Choose Amarr?

The best reason for choosing Amarr is the reputation of the brand. They have been in the garage door business for a long time and customers can trust that the doors would last. Also, the customer service of this company is known to be exemplary. They frequently post important information, prevention tips and maintenance advice on their blog. Plus, the doors have various applications as well. However, the best reason for choosing Amarr Garage Doors is the presence of over 3000 dealerships all across US, Canada and Mexico.

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