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I have had a friend since childhood who sees things just a little more simply than everyone else. Over the years we nicknamed him Captain Obvious. He is quite bright, just… different. For instance, as high school let out one summer, we encouraged him to venture out to take a trip and see other places. He said that would probably be okay, as wherever he went he would be there, so at least he would know somebody there. As we laughed, he wanted to know what was funny.

Another time when we were in our mid-thirties, he and I and another friend were overhauling his car’s engine in his garage when it started raining heavily. We took a break and were standing there watching the rain pouring down. I commented on how mesmerizing rain can be. He responded that it was like watching water falling out of the sky. As we other two cracked up laughing, the Captain shook his head, puzzled, as always.

So when it came time to buy my friend a fortieth birthday present, a group of us pitched in for the perfect gift for our friend, Captain O. He had a fairly nice middle class ranch-style house with a vanilla plain set of garage doors. So, we bought him a gift certificate for a giant gag poster, made by a company that specializes in images enlarged from a photograph, to cover the outside of garage doors. Most people send in a picture of a Ferrari parked in a garage, or of a fighter jet with its wings folded; something to make passers-by stare. We all giggled as we postulated what crazy thing the Captain would pick. True to form, he did not disappoint.

He drove to the nicest upscale neighborhood in town and took a nice photo of a beautifully hand carved wooden garage door, and sent that to the poster company. I helped him apply the poster to his garage door. It looked very nice, but it didn’t have any gag appeal at all. He outsmarted us by using the gag gift to upgrade the curb appeal of his house! He then added a few new fixtures and upgraded his walkway and front door. His house looked fancy. In a few months he sold the house for way over the market value of the place.

We all got postcards from him vacationing in the Cayman Islands, in which he stated that the sun was very bright there, as there were no clouds in the sky. And, he thanked us for up-scaling his house so he could take a long vacation.

Who knew garage doors could be so important? Keep your garage door in normal operation and looking good. Trust the experts at your local garage door company. They know all the ins and outs of garage door installation and maintenance. If you hear unusual sounds or experience strange behaviors when opening or closing your garage door, don’t wait until something catastrophic happens, call for an inspection and get any repairs recommended done right away. They can also assist with installation of, or repair problems with, automatic garage door openers. It might even be time to upgrade to the new insulated doors with higher durability and security. You might be surprised at just how far technology has advanced the designs of these necessary components of modern living.

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