Doors in homes or apartments can allow air leaks when they are closed. Weather stripping doors is doable without professional help; the process is easy and can keep energy costs down. In order to winterize or summerize your home and keep out drafts one needs to seal cracks around the doors. By running your hand around the perimeter of closed doors and feeling a cool draft, this is an indication that the weather stripping is worn or cracked.

Regular maintenance of an airtight seal on doors is essential for stopping cold drafts especially around winter to keep out the cold and summer to keep out the warm. Normally, individuals usually slide out the old weather-stripping and push or slide new vinyl or foam into the grooves in the doors. The challenging part is finding weather-stripping replacements that match the doors. New weather-stripping needs to be installed in old doors as the regular maintenance may not be favorable or constructive. Weather-stripping kits are available at most hardware stores and or home centers.

Generally, doors require more than one kind of weather-stripping. Doors need to be clean before proceeding with the weather-strip process. Peel the back from the foam and press onto the sides that need fillings. Installing doors sweeps is not difficult. Cut the sweep to fit the door. Screw the sweeps to the doors in such a way that the bottom is in contact with the floor. Silicon is known to make an ideal weather-stripping due to its durability and softness. It also remains tight as the doors shrink or swells which is typical due to weather changes. Before ordering weather- stripping products take accurate measurements for gaps between doors and both sides of the jamb and the head jamb then choose the weather stripping that is big enough to fill the largest gaps. The use of a paint scraper will ensure that the surfaces are smooth, flat, and free of any protruding nails. One must make sure that they avoid stretching the weather-stripping as it would result in gaps which would make its usage unfavorable.

Projects using bronze weather-stripping can be difficult especially around the latch plates. However, the wrapped foam type can be easier to install and more effective. Before purchasing any materials, it is recommended that one is certain that the draft is not caused by any loose hinge screws, otherwise, you would have to glue wood plugs in the holes and re-drive the screws. Normally, the weather-stripping kit comes with two long pieces for the side jambs and a short piece for the top jamb. The goal is to get airtight fits. Too much compress action will cause all doors not to latch when they close. It is imperative that you make sure that the door shuts and latches easily before using any nails. The weather-stripping should fit snug to the door over its full length. Small adjustments may require pulling the nails and starting them in a new spot. When in the process of painting the wood flange, make sure you keep the paint off the foam.

Feeling a draft is not enough, if you do see a lot of light one may need to install a new sweep. Although door-sweeps last longer, they may not be effective if they are continuously brushing or rubbing against the floor or carpet. For any replacements, a simple face-mount door- sweep with a flexible vinyl flap is recommended because it is easy to mount and adjust.

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