Ever running to your garage, back your car out, then speed away leaving your garage door open as you rush down the highway for work? Why did you leave your garage without a breakfast smoothie? Better yet leaving your garage door open is an invitation for thieves to come in and steal your food! Well they will be taking more than that, but who does not like food right?

You don’t have to go out to work or play without making yourself a power drink anymore. It is to your benefit to drink something that is going to boost your energy. Why would a young man or woman like you need a boost of energy? It’s because the summer heat will drain your energy faster than a cheap generic battery left to fry on the shelf for months at a time. When it is 100 degrees or more outside, you become a little delirious and water is an okay drink but a power summer smoothie will boost your energy and stamina to the next level and all it takes is about 20-25 minutes of your time in the morning.

So how do you make this powerful summer smoothie? Well first you need to gather all of the ingredients that you are going to be using from either a natural health food store or a regular supermarket that you always go to get fresh fruits. You can also get these fresh fruits from your local farmers market that is usually open every Saturday or Sunday depending on your town’s preference.

Once you have gathered all of the ingredients; you are ready to prep for your smoothie session. The ingredients needed for this all around power smoothie are kiwis, wheat grass, green seedless grapes, banana, strawberries, blueberries, orange juice, agave syrup, flax seeds, and cranberry juice.

You need to cut up all of the fruits into bite size chunks using a regular small sharp knife. Once you have cut up all fruits; take out your blender. It is better to use a Vitamix or another power blender for this process. Place all of the fruits in the blender layering them according to how you want them to mix out in the end. Do not overfill the blender. Remember you can save the leftover mixture for smoothies throughout the day!

Next, add your orange juice into the mixture of fruits. If the mixture is not sweet enough for you then add your agave nectar into it. You can use about 4 teaspoons of it; if you do not want agave then use plain white sugar as well. Once you do that blend it for about 5 seconds, then add your flax seeds and wheat grass to the mixture. When that has been added, blend mixture until smooth or chunky depending on how you like it. Make sure also to select orange juice with the pulp still in it for the best results. Do not blend for more than 4-5 minutes for the best results.

You now can enjoy this summer power smoothie all week long by storing it in a stainless steel pitcher for easy access and to maintain the proper freshness level. When you finish making the smoothie you can also top your glass off with whip cream and a cherry. This is a great elegant addition for when you are hosting friends and family at a party.

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