Are you looking for how to pick a garage door company on a low budget in Marietta? Your experts want to help you avoid tricks and scams that rip you off money. When your budget is limited, you become vulnerable to all the coupons and “lowest price guarantee” tricks. Being in the garage doors business for over 13 years in Marietta, GA, we have a broad knowledge about all these companies in metro Atlanta area that scam people for money tricking them into what they believe to be the best price. We’ll show you exactly how they do it and how you can avoid it.

How do you pick the best garage door company when watching your pennies?

“The times are tough these days. People either don’t have money because they’re out of work, underemployed, or leveraged. Other people are just afraid to spend the money they have because of our country’s uncertain economic future. Because of this, people are trying to save as much money as possible when their garage door breaks or is in need of replacement. So how do you know what company to call and what parts need to be replaced now? Or should you replace the door instead of repairing it? What’s a good price? What’s a good value? These are some of the issues I will help you resolve.

Coupon “Deals”

The first thing you need to determine is what companies to call. DO NOT TRUST THAT SOMEONE OFFERING YOU A COUPON HAS THE LOWEST PRICE. If you look at the direct marketing pieces in the metro Atlanta area, you’ll find that the majority of the “rip off” companies are all advertising big coupons! The advertisements “$200 off doors,” “lowest price guaranteed,” or “we’ll beat any competitor’s price.” When you see advertising like this, be very leery. Keep in mind that when you take the $200 off the price of a door that costs you $1,500, you end up at $1,300. If you have an honest garage doors company that charges you $1,100 up front, which one is better? This is a huge scam by these “coupon” companies. Don’t ever think that just because you have coupon you’re getting a deal.

The “Lowest Price Guarantee” Trick

The other thing you must watch out for is the “lowest price guarantee.” These companies know that you think you’re getting the lowest price just because they said so. They really are just trying to get in front of you so they can scare you into buying something you don’t need. They may sell you a number of parts (for way too much money) that you don’t need or sell you a new garage door / opener you don’t need. This is their game. They throw a ton of money at advertising so they can get in front if you and rip you off. How do you think they pay for all that advertising? By giving you the “lowest price guaranteed”?

What you need to do is:

• Ask family, friends, and neighbors for referrals
• If you can’t get a good one, then look at reviews of companies

Look online at reviews from companies such as Angie’s List, Kudzu, Home Report, Trust Dale, or the BBB. But, don’t just trust that these reviews are all honest either. Really read between the lines. See if they use technicians’ names. See if they talk about specific events. Many of these same “coupon” companies will take the time to write their own reviews, but don’t take the time to make them sound believable.

When you find an honest company, you are most likely to find a fair price. With a fair price you get a good job and an honest evaluation. In the long run that is what will save you the most money.”

Yours truly,
Dan Watkins
Owner of All 4 Seasons Garage Doors 

All 4 Seasons Garage Doors we know the challenge it is when you are trying to find how to pick a garage door company on a low budget. We have been in the garage door business in Marietta, GA for over 13 years. We offer a wide variety of high quality garage doors and garage door opener brands. Besides manufacturer warranty, our company backs up our products and services, so you get double protection. Our technicians are extensively trained and have been in the business 2+ years. We’re located in Marietta, GA and serve all of North Atlanta area, including Atlanta, GA.

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