Invest in the right commercial garage doors for your business

Commercial garage doors may be used for many applications other than garages and can come in a wide variety of styles. Choosing one that fits your particular needs can be a serious concern involving many factors. If you have employed a competent architect to help you in the project he (or she) should be able to help you in the process of finding the right door for your project, but knowing what your options are will insure that you get what you really want. If you are doing without the services of an architect it is even more important that you know what the options are. Remember that a contractor is seldom capable of designing a building project.


If you are looking for commercial garage doors in Atlanta GA you will have many options readily available. Once you understand exactly what you need in your door, you will want to consider whether you will get the best deal by going with a standard pre-made door or have a custom made door produced specifically for you. Custom made doors can come from a small local business or a large national company. All 4 Seasons Garage Doors deals with many different manufacturers. We offer a wide range of commercial garage doors in Atlanta, GA and over 27 locations in North Atlanta. Our experienced technicians will assist you in finding the right type for your needs.


The specific type of door that will best suit your needs will depend on many factors. Perhaps the first concern is security, or maybe even appearance. If you are primarily concerned with securing storage, you will need a strong metal door. You may need an insulated door if you are concerned with temperature extremes. Areas prone to severe weather will need doors that can withstand severe weather, assuming that the rest of the building will be secure. If appearance is important, you will find that All 4 Seasons Garage Doors offers a wide range of features, colors, materials that can be adapted to any style. You can choose features such as windows, or accessories for carriage-style doors. Other designs are available that are more decorative, including doors that carry designs that are essentially signs, perhaps with your logo or some artwork.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Another concern would be the type of door that will best fit your available space. Commercial garage doors can be either roll-up, sectional, up and over, sliding, or swing hung. Roll up doors take the least space since they roll onto a drum which can be either on the inside of the door or on the outside. Roll up doors have limited design possibilities since they are constructed of narrow strips and cannot have windows. They can be painted and may be used as signage.

Sectional doors are constructed of sections the width of the door. The sections can be relatively narrow or several feet wide. The door follow a track up the door into the ceiling space and take up a significant space extending into the room a distance slightly greater than the height of the door. Consider if this will be a problem.

Up and over doors are one piece doors that open up much like the sectional doors but do not flex. They are more secure than roll up or sectional doors but must swing out into the space in front of the building.

Sliding doors open to one or both sides along tracks. They will block a space as wide as the opening but do not take up any ceiling space. They are also not likely to malfunction.

Swing hung doors have hinges at the sides and must either swing outward or inward. They will then occupy space either inside or outside the building. Large swinging doors are prone to having problems with the hinges due to their weight.

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