In appearance, garage doors sport wood panels and bright colors, metal surfaces and rugged, weather sealed materials. Door themes are a mix of the contemporary and antique, cleverly concealing innovative methods of opening the garage to allow vehicles easy access.

Check out the varied inventory of garage doors in Atlanta, GA and you find sectioned doors that slide smoothly upward. Traditional styled garage doors roll up or flip forward and then up on oiled hinges. Possible choices for garage door designs can be confusingly wide, and that’s before even considering the look and appeal.

If you’re new to all the terms and technology behind choosing a garage door, perhaps this is the first time you’re in the market for one, you need to look closely at all of the factors to consider. You need to be aware of more than the aesthetic appeal, especially if security is an issue. The garage may give passage to the home through an adjoining door, or there are expensive tools and belongings stored in there. Of course, you also need to protect your four-wheeled investment too, so security is a huge issue for your final choice. Let’s make the whole process as stress free as possible, and have a look at some of the options for what makes each design a good options for your home.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Constructed as a group of horizontal panels linked together, this is a common configuration and one you’ll often see while shopping for a new door. The sections roll up on tracks, manually or powered by a remote-controlled motor. The panels gracefully curve ninety degrees at the top of their rise and continue horizontally along the tracks into the ceiling space of the garage. A counterbalance in the form of a torsion spring ensures minimal effort in lifting the door up.

Tilt-Up Design

One of the oldest and most traditional garage door systems, the door is a single section that is carefully balanced for easy lifting. The door pivots vertically, smoothly upward due to the use of counterbalances and springs, storing snugly in a space above the garage. The single panel design can be metal, wood or any other piece of solidly constructed material, which is why the lifting design is so important to shift the great weight with next to no manual effort. Automatic, motorized versions of the system remove even the slight effort of lifting, reducing the action to the push of a remote-control button.

Carriage or Swing Doors

Designed as a giant pair of doors swinging vertically open from the center, carriage doors appear a great deal like a pair of barn doors or huge French doors. They may require a few extra seconds to open, perhaps one at a time, but they fit in very well with the antique style of older homes, featuring wood panels, recessed decorative designs, hand-painted crossbeams and more.

Garage Door Safety

Like any other mechanical system, a garage door needs to be used safely. If you have a young family, educate them on the dangers of playing under or near the garage door, and ensure junior stays away from all moving parts of the mechanical system. Remember, a garage opener is not a toy, even if it does look like a TV remote.

Tips for Choosing the Right Door for your Home

Plan ahead and consider the budget requirements of the project. The old door has to be replaced and some research has to be carried out on the new one. Will it fit the existing doorframe? If not, substantial extra expense will be incurred in making structural changes to the garage. Cold climates need insulation and weather sealing. A garage door is a big source of heat loss if it’s not properly insulated. Consult expert installers for garage doors in Atlanta, GA for the best possible selection in safe, secure and weatherproof doors for your home.

For more information, download our Guide to Buying a Garage Door.

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