Home ownership comes with a price, but a responsible and well informed consumer can minimize the expense. As with most working devices, there will probably come a time when your garage door needs repair. Unfortunately, as is the case with many professions, the garage door repair industry has its fair share of fraud and scams. The problem is prevalent enough that “Dateline NBC” aired a show in May, 2011, demonstrating the reliability of home repair technicians. In their expose’, two out of the ten garage door repair technicians contacted, attempted to charge homeowners for unneeded repairs or parts.

Common Red Flags

So, how does a homeowner protect themselves from garage door repair scams? First, be aware of some common red flags. You may find a sticker on your garage door with a number to call for service and repair. If the number is not local, you may be routed to a national call center that refers business to independent contractors, rather than the represented repair company. Other concerns may be indicated if the technician arrives in a private, rather than commercial vehicle or demonstrates a lack of professionalism in dress or customer relations. If you have any doubts about the veracity of the technician, ask for certification of his qualifications before he proceeds with any inspection or repair.

Ask For Details

Do not allow a technician to begin repairs without giving you a detailed account of what needs to be done and the cost of repair. If the estimate seems too high, do not hesitate to ask for a second opinion. You are not obligated to use a company’s services just because they are at your door, although you may be required to pay a service charge.

Is It Too Good To Be True?

Extremely low prices may also be a cause for concern. Many fly-by-night companies offer “too good to be true” prices to garner your business. Once you agree to their terms, they install inferior parts and disappear to places unknown, leaving you no recourse.

Lifetime Guarantees

Beware of any “Lifetime Guarantees” for higher priced parts. This is a common scam used for garage door springs. In this scam, the fraudulent company installs a short life spring. When the spring breaks (and it will at some point) the company replaces it with a free spring, but charges a high service charge.

Online Reviews

Thankfully, with today’s technology, it is fairly easy to research a company’s reputation. Do an Internet search on local companies. Keeping the business local may lower service costs and decrease response time. Ensure the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Read customer reviews of the company. Do not limit yourself to the Internet. Ask friends, family and neighbors about companies they have used for their garage door repairs. Were they satisfied? Would they use them again?

Buyer Beware

Most importantly, trust your instinct. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. And while it is unfortunate, the adage “Buyer Beware” is truer than ever. Do not underestimate the importance of a properly maintained garage door. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates approximately 30,000 injuries are caused annually by faulty or improperly maintained garage doors. A qualified repair company will save you money and peace of mind. Choose one wisely!

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