There are various types of garage doors available in the market. The common materials used for garage doors are aluminum, steel and wood. For maximum protection, it is best to go for metal options.

Up and Over

This kind of door has a height of about 8 feet and 1/3rd of the door forms a canopy by protruding out of the door frame when opened. The installation is easy and quick and steel cables are used.

Up and Over Retractable

This is a popular door type for garages these days and is similar to up and over doors. The only difference is that, instead of using steel cables, tension springs and lifting arms are used at the door side to make it remote controlled.

Up and Over Plus Retractable

The mechanism is similar to the above type but unlike up and over retractable doors which give smaller drive through, this door gives full drive through. This is done by placing the lifting arms higher on the panel of the door.


Almost 80% of the US households use sectional doors. The security offered by these doors is top notch, there is an option for insulation, no swinging out is required, the size choices are large, and operations of this door are smoother. This door opens by following the roofline of the garage, instead of swinging out, and has dual rollers.

Roller Shutter

The rollup in this kind of door is made from aluminum or steel. Similar to sectional doors, there is no swinging of the door but the door does not follow the garage’s roofline and instead, rolls behind the opening of the structure. The width of the material used determines the headroom that would be provided by the garage.

Round The Corner

This kind of door is constructed using wood panels, particularly timber, and is suitable for garages accommodating large vehicles. The door splits in the middle and the two doors slide away from each other, scaling the side walls. Steel and aluminum can also be used and these doors can be remote controlled.

Side Hinged Door

This garage door is making a comeback to popularity. It offers an opening of about 10 feet. The materials offered are GRP, UPVC, steel and timber. This door opens inward or outward and is mostly used for offering pedestrian access to freezers, bikes and other machines.


This is an old UK based garage door in which weights are installed on either sides of the garage door and the panel is lifted using cables or rollers. The panels are heavy, especially if made from wood. These doors can also be used for providing alternate pedestrian access.

Other Types

Special types of doors can also be installed for special requirements. The panels are made from steel or wood (timber), and the mechanism can be hinged, sliding or folding. Selecting a special door can be beneficial because it offers customization and perfect fit. Also, the finish can be chosen as per requirements, especially if the décor is to be taken care of. There are also a huge variety of colors, patterns and styles available with customized garage doors.

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