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Safety and security are of importance to most homeowners, but many people never think of the doors until it is time to lock them. Garage doors are often an entry point for burglars who rely on people not having these doors inspected every 6 to 8 years. Whether you just bought a new home or living in one built years ago, here are some serious points to consider in maintaining a safe and secure home.

If you have children or rely on enjoying those who belong to your friends and family, you are well aware of the mischief they get into and how quickly they get injured. Garage doors are not Jungle Gyms and are too dangerous to allow children of any age to play on, near or around them. Keep all remote units out of their reach.

There are also cables involved in raising and lowering these units where children of any age are in danger of entrapment and injury. Automatic sensors allow for certain conditions and if humans tamper with the amount of light needed for operation the door opens or closes. Even pets often trigger unintended operation. Therefore, have the sensors checked for proper alignment on a regular basis by a trained professional

Pets are in as much danger as children when it comes to an improperly maintained entrance system. If you typically leave your pets in the garage during the day, make sure all door operation controls are out of their reach. Many people take their pets with them when traveling long distances, and some families leave the pets at home. Make sure to explain to family and friends why it is important to keep the pets away from garage door controls.

The most dangerous part of any automated door system is the springs used to replace the use of the human body’s muscles and bones. These springs are under tremendous tension that causes normal wear and tear. Even new springs break if someone sticks an object into them and cause injury to people and damage to property. Schedule an appointment for a technician to inspect the springs.

When buying an older home, have the Realtor ask for records showing the date the garage doors were installed, and the last time they were serviced. Not only does this tell you the age of the system, but also if they have lead paint, and if the previous owner kept them maintained professionally.

As humans, we often assume things without even thinking about them, but a garage is a place where crafts, woodworking, furniture refinishing and other Handyperson activities occur. Ventilation is one concern to keep at the top of the home maintenance list. Remove items that block air passages, and never leave explosive or flammable products unopened. All it takes is a spark from the electrical components of your garage door system to cause a deadly explosion.

Carbon monoxide poses another consideration where free air flow is crucial. During cold weather months, people often start their vehicles in the garage to warm up before traveling on to work or school. Leaving the vehicle running creates a deadly situation especially for any children waiting inside the vehicle. Have your garage completely inspected by trained professionals to prevent unimagined horrors.

Other damage can occur to your entry system when a friend, neighbor or delivery person backs into the garage door. The safety and security of your family depend on proper operation and maintenance of all parts of your garage doors. Please be safe and immediately contact a licensed and bonded residential garage door service provider to assess and repair any damage.

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