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Founded in the early 50’s, Amarr quickly became one of the leading garage door manufacturers in the country. Amarr began its life in North Carolina, eventually spreading to do business throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The brand is a staple in most popular retailers who specialize in garage door installation and garage door accessory sales. As technology has changed over the years, Amarr has done well to change with the times, incorporating the newest advances in design and function into their garage doors, and improving upon traditional garage doors. Amarr garage doors have been recently featured as part of a renovation on the NexGenHome online series with Ty Pennington, “First to the Future Project.”

Types of Garage Doors

A garage door is not utilitarian door where one size fits all. In fact, a garage door from Amarr is available in many different styles and materials. A garage can be transformed from a simple housing for a car into an accent piece that complements the entire house.


A carriage garage door appears from the point of view of the casual observer that the door is two pieces instead of one. The door’s appearance is modeled after the closed double doors of a carriage house. A carriage garage door comes complete with decorative door handles. The carriage door functions as a regular garage door, raising and lowering, rather than opening out like real doors. This style is quickly growing in popularity, surpassing designs that are more traditional.


A traditional style garage door is simply that. The doors are, as most people would picture a garage door with a paneled surface and small windows high up on the door. Amarr manufactures doors in a variety of materials including, aluminum, steel, vinyl, and wood creating more choices for the customer.


Any style garage door can be made with steel. Steel is used for its longevity, toughness, and minimal need for upkeep. A good steel garage door will last years without the need for repair or replacement. Steel is also easily painted, so matching the door to the rest of the home is an easy task.


Garage doors made from wood has the advantage of unique aesthetics and a one-of-a-kin design. Customers seeking a garage door that deviates from the norm may choose a wooden design over the sturdy steel doors.


Specialty doors that incorporate more windows or different designs are another option offered by Amarr. Specialty garage doors tend to have a sleek, modern look that can be especially helpful when seeking to update a home.


Garage door openers and sensors have far advanced from the basic ancestors on the market thirty years ago. Models are now more sensitive, sleeker in design, more durable, and provide easier access to the garage.


Garage door openers today are more complex than the simple one-button, or rudimentary keypad versions or foregone times. Openers now have features that make the device more convenient and technologically advanced. Many garage door openers from Amarr have do-it-yourself installation, timers for a door to close automatically if left open for a specific amount of time, battery backups for the door to be operated in the event of a power outage, and the option to be able to control the garage door using an app on a Smartphone. Openers also come equipped with the latest key chain and mounted remote control devices. Keyless entry systems are also available in streamlined, unobtrusive models.

Other Accessories:

Amarr recognizes the need for functional accessories that make the garage door and associated system work at an optimal level. Other accessories include ceiling mounts, garage lights, surge protectors, and sensor guards. Amarr also manufactures custom cut flooring to improve the look and protect the garage floor. Screens that can fit over the open garage bay are also available to keep bugs at bay when working in the garage in the evenings.

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