Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! With the weather getting warmer and warmer, there will be plenty of things to do around the home. There is always plenty of cleaning and organizing to get done, but it seems like there is always more when spring comes around. Many of the household chores will be outside.

Outside Work

Things like getting the bushes groomed and removing the dead branches and twigs. As well as getting the flower beds ready for the next available day to start planting. But there will also be the need to do some repairs and preventative maintenance on and around the home and other outside buildings like the garage and storage shed.

Clean the Gutters

One of the things that will require being done of course is cleaning the gutters. The winter winds and snow always seem to bring things that will clog up gutters and cause them to bend and break once it starts to rain. This rain water will have no place to go due to the blockage, and in turn can also add weight to the gutters and pull them down from their hangers.

If you have a garage that you enter from inside the home and use an automatic opener to open the garage doors while backing up, running into a gutter that has fallen down through the night is not a great way to start the day. Or even worse, having the garage doors catch the gutter while they are going up is sure to affect the mood of the day. Checking the gutters is a quick and simple job only requiring a ladder and a garden hose. This springtime project can prevent this type of problem from happening.

Cleaning the Walkways

When the snow is falling during the winter it often looks clean, however the salt and sand that is used to keep from slipping on the walkways is not clean. Cleaning these walkways off to remove the sand is a good idea. Cleaning them also gives you a chance to see if there is any damage done to the walkways that need to be repaired before additional damage has taken place.

Outside Furniture

Spring is also the time to bring the outside furniture, back outside. This of course is going to require cleaning the dust off that has built up while in storage. This might also be a good time to touch up the paint or give them a new paint job entirely.

Besides cleaning the gutters, cleaning the walkways, and painting the outside furniture there is always oiling hinges and locks to remove the winter squeaking noise. The winter weather has a way of getting grime and building it up in these places. And since the oil is being used on the home doors it probably would be a good idea to give the garage doors a little oil as well, and check their tracks for any signs of uneven wear.

Spring is a great time of the year the air gets warmer, the grass starts to grow and it allows us just enough time to start to get ready for the summer time chores that are on the way. The season brings with it a feeling of freshness and new beginnings. Welcome it with your doors open.

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