Although we may not all have a green thumb, the ones that do will tell you that they believe in using their gift to improve their lifestyle and reduce the grocery bill through the planting of vegetables. But what about the people who don’t care much for veggies and never really did anyway, can they benefit from this green thumb and if so, how? Flowers can also greatly benefit the way you live, either as a hobby, or to make a few extra dollars selling them to the local flower shop. Here are a few steps to help you get started on your own flower garden.

1. Plan ahead

The first thing you need to do is to determine where you want this garden to be and at all cost you want to keep it away from your garage doors, especially since that would be where your automobile would be coming in and out from. The smart thing to do would be to start your flower garden on a small scale, you can always add to it later on, so just in case, start your project in an area where there is room to grow.

2. Making good Choices

If your plan is to use these flowers to earn a few dollars on the side, before choosing what kind of flowers you intend to plant, check out the local flower shops and see what they would be willing to buy from you and go from there. If your project is all about you and something to do, you should take a drive around the neighborhood, check out some flower and garden magazines and surf the Internet to see which flowers you like and how easy they are to grow.

3. Location, Location

Choosing the location of your garden should not be done until you have chosen the flowers you want to work with, otherwise you will restrict your ability to choose certain flowers. It is very important for you to remember that some flowers require more sunlight than others, which means that if you set up your flower bed in the shade, you will not be able to plant anything there that demands a lot of sunlight, otherwise you will be unsuccessful.

4. Shopping for Supplies

The next step to completing your garden is to fill your list. By this time you already know what seeds you need, but there are other things to complete your task.

  • Seeds
  • Soil
  • Gloves
  • Garden Tools

Most of these items can be purchased at your local department store. As far as the seeds are concerned, you can also purchase those on the Internet. If you are not planning on starting your project right away, secure your tools, place your bags of soil out of the way so that they do not block your garage doors and will be ready whenever you are. My mother was always passionate about flowers. She would collect seeds of flowers all year round from her friends, neighbors, and places she visited. Keep in mind next summer or fall, if you see flowers you really like, you might ask permission to collect some of the seeds from the dry flowers, pack them in a zip lock bag with a note for the type of flower, and keep them for next spring!

5. Creating Your Hobby

Hopefully you would have read the packaging for your flower seeds and identified when the right time to plant each flower would be, however, if you need to wait a while you can go ahead and prepare the flower bed so that it would be ready to get the ball rolling.

And there you have it, an opportunity that may not always presents itself to everyone. Pretty soon the compliments will begin to roll in, or the money will from selling them to the flower shop.

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