The Best Way to Clean and Organize Your Garage

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In theory, a garage is a place to keep our vehicles. In practice, it’s become something much more than that. Garages have gone from a single purpose to a sort of catchall to our daily storage needs. But this has also created a lot of issues with proper organization. There’s a lot of accepted rules for how to decorate most rooms in our house. From living rooms to bedrooms, we all grow up with some general ideas about how to best organize things. But the garage is often different in that respect. We store more inside it than in any other room. And we are usually far less organized when doing so. It should come as no surprise that many people find themselves unable to even park within their garage anymore. There are some ways to get around the clutter though. Anyone can have a tidy garage by keeping a few things in mind.

The first thing to keep in mind is that garage doors Alpharetta GA, are there for a reason. Garage doors keep out the elements and ensure that everything in the garage can stay protected. There’s little point in organizing a garage if the contents of it are quickly damaged. So the first thing that one should do is get into the habit of always keeping the garage door closed when not in use.

Next, you’ll want to sort out the contents of the garage. This will begin by emptying out boxes within it. When people move, they have a tendency to just stick boxes in the garage. It’s surprisingly common to find some really fantastic things within forgotten boxes in the garage. Of course there’s also the question of where to put things when unpacking. The garage itself will often be too cluttered to unpack things. Or to organize other items within it. So it’s best to begin very early in the day and just lay things outside of the garage.

The best way to proceed is to keep two piles. A trash pile, and a pile of things to keep. It’s often tempting to make a third one of things to give away to friends. But this almost always turns into a chore that will never happen. If you couldn’t give it away before, you won’t be able to now. It’s best to simply cut items that you think you could donate out of your life.

By now there should be two piles. The keep pile and the trash pile. Proceed onward with the other items in the garage. You’re not really done until almost everything in the garage has been sorted. But don’t think it’s time to get everything back inside. The next part of the organizational process will involve moving things which shouldn’t have been in the garage in the first place. There’s some items that shouldn’t be kept in a garage, but which usually are.

One of the biggest examples of this is tanks of propane. A propane grill can be one of the best parts of summer. But one of the worst parts of any season would be that tank catching on fire. A stray spark can easily ignore propane. That’s why it’s best to keep it outside, away from fire and electricity. The chance of an electrical spark will always be higher inside where there’s an entire electrical system set up. Another example is paint. Paint should never be kept inside the garage due to the harsh weather conditions. Heat and cold above what the average person would find tolerable can also harm paint in a can. It’s better to store that in the attic.

After all that has been sorted out the items to be kept should be moved back into the garage. But be sure to properly organize them. And keep in mind that ideally you shouldn’t simply be tossing things into boxes. Items that are in plain sight remain in use, and valued. Also be careful when disposing of the things you wanted to throw away. You might need to use a junk removal service rather than your normal trash to safely dispose of some items.

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