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is known for being one of the largest companies to sell garage doors and their accessories. They were founded in 1954 in Elmhurst, Illinois, best known for their Liftmaster products. In 1983, the Duchossois Group became sole owners of Chamberlain and, in 1989, the company solidified their spot in the industry by introducing the keyless, wireless entry system to the world. Today, the brand of Chamberlain is used only for the garage door opener products.

Why Chamberlain?

Quality is what Chamberlain prides itself on, starting with the designs. Once a garage door opener has been designed, the unit must undergo rigorous testing equivalent to 15 years of wear and tear, the normal lifespan of an opener. If the design can pass that test, it will meet the approval of the company. They have taken it upon themselves to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification, a globally recognized safety standard, in order to ensure that the customer remains safe and satisfied.


Chamberlain offers two types of openers: belt-drive and chain-drive. There is a short survey that will help the customer determine the best product for their needs. The primary difference is in whether the customer needs the opener to be quiet or to open in any kind of weather. Openers can be purchased with an installed back up battery so the door can be opened in case of a power outage.

MyQ technology permits the homeowner to verify that the garage door is shut through the use of their mobile phone. If it’s not, the door can be closed remotely by using the application. Some of the openers that were manufactured prior to the introduction of MyQ in 2013 are able to be upgraded. A full list is included on their site. They recently added a product that permits even non-Chamberlain openers to upgrade to include the myQ technology. This product line includes remote light switches, also accessible through the application.

Other products include laser parking systems, replacement sensors, and remotes. Precision laser parking systems allow the family vehicle to be perfectly parked without fear of hitting anything or taking up too much space. In some cases, the opener is in good condition but one, or both, of the sensors indicating that nothing is in the way of the door, go out. With Chamberlain, the sensors can be purchased separately from the opener unit. Remotes, keyless entry, and motion sensors are available for any opener on the market.


The website has a lot of information on it. All instruction manuals can be found online as well as helpful videos to take the customer through installation or programming step by step. Registration can be completed here, as well as ordering of replacement parts. There are over 1000 Frequently Asked Questions available.


In order for the opener to last at least the expected 15 years, maintenance is a must. There are monthly and annual checks that should be performed. Step-by-step instructions are available online. The two monthly checks are to ensure that the sensors are working properly and that there is not a lot of stress being placed on the opener. If the door ever sticks or binds, call a trained professional to fix it. Never attempt to fix the opener. The annual maintenance requirement is to lubricate all moving parts. Non-moving parts can be lubricated every three to four years.

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