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St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th, so in honor of the lucky day, we figured we should would talk about throwing the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day party at your home. What better place to throw a terrific party than in your very own garage? What about St. Patrick’s Day? There is quite a mythology built up around the mid-March holiday, so let’s delve into the meanings and history of St. Patty’s. Then, we’ll go over what you need to have the ultimate St. Patty’s party in your garage. You know, you need decorations, and other things to bring in the holiday and help your guests feel welcome. Let’s dive right into the festivities behind those garage doors East Cobb GA!

About St. Patrick’s Day

The history behind St. Patrick’s Day is that is was first celebrated to mark the death of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. It is also known as “the Feast of Saint Patrick” to many throughout the world. Most of Saint Patrick’s life is written about in a book called the Declaration, which was supposedly written by Saint Patrick himself. In the book he recounts how he was kidnapped as a young child, enslaved and brought to Ireland. He claims that God came to him and told him to flee to the shore where a boat would take him home. He did this. Then he returned to Ireland later and converted thousands of Irish people to Christianity.

The day was originally a religious holiday and celebration. Today, however, St. Patrick’s Day is about getting together with family and friends to enjoy the pleasures of life. It is moreover an Irish holiday, but members of all nationalities take part in the tradition. The color green has long roots in Ireland. The shamrock is a symbol that St. Patrick adopted from pagan traditions. He used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. The color green and shamrock are still a big part of the holiday. Just like the holiday itself, they don’t not necessarily have to be associated with any religion.

Throwing the Best St. Patty’s Party

If you want to throw the best St. Patrick’s Day party there are some important things you should do first. For starters, if you have limited space, or if you just don’t feel like cleaning up immediately after the party then the garage might be a good alternative. Take out all the cobwebs. Clean it up as nice as you can with brooms and dusters. This might be a good time to do some early spring cleaning! Get rid of your unwanted things by donating them to homeless shelters. Get rid of as much as you can, so later you won’t have to move it back into the garage!

Next, do your best to set the mood. Get some green streamers and party favors. You can even paint your garage green for an extra flair. Painting it green inside let’s all your guests know you are serious about St. Patty’s Day!

The alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day is expected from most. If you don’t drink that’s fine, too. But if you have a thing for booze then you should go all out to fill up your garage with Irish whiskeys and Irish beers.

Have A Safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Have fun! If you do imbibe, drink responsibly! Wear as much green as you can on the 17th and keep an eye out for whoever came to your party and isn’t wearing green because they deserve to get pinched!

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