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Ask most people where a garage door goes and they’ll probably give a fairly predictable answer. The item’s very name suggests a location. However, garage doors are starting to show up in some rather surprising places. More and more people are putting a garage door within their home’s interior.

This might seem like an odd choice at first. However, one has to keep in mind that the history of the garage door is one of constant change. The garage door has been around almost since the invention of the car. The garage door was originally made of wood and primarily owned by the wealthy. As one would expect, this led to some beautiful and inventive designs.

As the nature of cars changed, so did the design and market of the garage door. The function of the doors moved more and more to pure functionality. Times have changed again though. Modern materials and production methods allow for a variety of lightweight and outright beautiful designs. It’s not uncommon to see a garage door so beautifully designed that it could easily enhance a living room. And a lot of people have taken that idea and turned it into a reality.

While still somewhat uncommon, there’s an ever growing interest in garage door interiors. As with any new field of design there’s room for interpretation as to what the term really means. In general though, one can consider garage door interiors to be any kind of design which borrows from traditional garage door construction. For some people, this means using material traditionally used to make a garage door. For others, the focus is on the motorized systems used to raise and lower a garage door. But the uniting factor of all these techniques is simple creativity. It’s one of the most interesting and imaginative areas of interior design. Because it’s such a new idea, there’s really no right or wrong way to do it. The public has been drawn to some designs more than others though.

Perhaps the single most popular garage door interior involves the patio or backyard. This is an obvious evolution of the garage door when one really thinks about how it’s used. The garage door is usually seen as a gateway from one’s home to the great outdoors. It makes sense that the garage door would be able to do the same thing for one’s patio.

Obviously, a traditional garage door design would be inappropriate for one’s patio. One of the big selling points of having a patio is the ability to look out the window and enjoy the view. It’s hard to get a good look at one’s garden when there’s a large metal wall in the way. Thankfully, there’s more options out there than metal. When garage doors are installed next to a patio they will usually consist of window panes. When the garage door is down it’ll simply look like a few large windows. However, it can be raised up with the press of a button. This is ideal for parties during the summer. It lets people easily wander back and forth between the indoors and the patio without any awkward shuffling.

Garage door installation Dallas GA are also ideal for people with mobility issues. Again, one can easily see how this is a gradual evolution from the original function of a garage door. The garage door is typically used to let wheeled items into a room. In the same way, a garage door interior is a perfect aid for people in wheelchairs. Wheelchairs take up a lot of space. Many doors and hallways are difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. And when multiple people are in wheelchairs, the difficulty can skyrocket. Garage door interiors can be raised up to transform a narrow passage into one which anybody can navigate.

Again, these are only a few ideas which people have come up with. This field of interior design is still quite new. That in itself is one of the most exciting aspects of garage door interiors. It’s quite possible to be the only person in the world with a specific take on the idea.

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