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Garage Doors Springfield, TNGarage Doors Springfield, TN

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A garage door should operate quietly, smoothly and reliably, and its appearance should enhance its surroundings. If your garage door whines, rattles, sticks or looks bad, then call All Four Seasons garage doors Springfield, TN to avoid safety hazards and a decrease in your property’s value. We maintain, repair and replace garage doors in Nashville and Springfield, Tennessee, and nearby suburban and rural areas. Depend on us to get your old or new garage door on track and keep it there.

Our company is big enough to serve and small enough to care. Garage doors Springfield, Tn can provide service and sales to homeowners, businesses owners and farmers. Started in 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, we have Better Business Bureau accreditation and an A+ rating. Our famous $20 service call is only a sample of our competitive pricing- we show up, diagnose your door problems and leave, letting you decide what to do next, without obligation. Our expert garage door installation and maintenance is available during regular business hours as well as early and late hours through our friendly customer service. We address garage door problems quickly and install new garage doors in all designs and materials. Our numerous garage doors in stock are ready to be installed.

Annual Maintenance Is Important

A garage door that does not open or close all the way obviously needs to be fixed or replaced. The situation is not always so clear for a garage door with other problems, however. Not having a garage door checked annually and repaired when necessary can result in injury to people and pets and damage to vehicles.

An overhead garage door that opens and/or closes roughly and noisily can annoy anyone who hears it, including neighbors, and it can be a sign of a dangerous problem. The system has many parts that can bend, break and become misaligned, causing unusual sounds and movements. The symptoms may lead to a door that stops working or even falls apart, endangering whomever or whatever is below.

A garage door that is stuck partially open prevents you from moving your vehicle out of or back into your garage. The open door also creates security issues, such as criminals and wild animals making themselves at home in the garage.

A professional garage door service performing annual maintenance can pinpoint worn parts and replace them, preventing more serious door problems, injuries, damage and security issues. For annual checks of garage doors Springfield, TN and surrounding Nashville areas, call us.

Do-it-Yourself Garage Door Repairs Are Dangerous

Trying to fix your garage door yourself can lead to serious injuries and damage to vehicles and other property.

Any kind of garage door has potentially dangerous components. For example, an overhead garage door with an automatic opener has electrical wiring that can shock, tensioned cables that can break free, and springs that can break off and fly at high speeds. If not secured, an open door can close or fall unexpectedly and forcefully. Even getting your fingers trapped between a garage door’s panels or other moving parts can cause severe pain and injury.

Opener and Remote Control Problems May Have Simple Solutions

If your garage door’s automatic opener or remote-control device stops working, then your vehicle will be stuck inside or outside the garage. You may be able to fix the opener or remote control easily by yourself, however.

Move closer to the garage door if the handheld remote-control device will not open or close the door. The device and the automatic opener inside the garage have to be within range to work together.

Also, the automatic opener’s antenna must hang downward. If it was pushed to a different angle, then move it below the opener.

The battery that makes the remote-control device work may need to be replaced. Some devices have more than one battery; replace all of them. If a battery is not the problem, then the handheld device may need reprogramming. Replacing the device is the final solution, but ensure a new one works with your automatic opener.

Garage Door Replacement Provides Advantages

Replacing an unreliable garage door prevents annoyances and hazards, but a garage door also can be replaced to improve its location’s appearance.

A new garage door can provide a fresh look. The enhanced appearance increases the property’s curb appeal, boosting resale value.

Whether your garage door needs annual maintenance, an immediate repair or a beautiful replacement, we can help. Remember All Four Seasons Garage Doors Springfield, TN when you think of garage doors in the Nashville area.


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