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A garage door can be electric or manual, and they have been around since 1921. It was the C. G. Johnson that created the first door that lifted overhead. Soon after in 1926, the electric garage door was invented. When the 1912 car rush created a dilemma for automobile storage, the garage was created. These buildings were scarcely what they are today, but overtime they evolved into a house of safety for an expensive possession. The carriage house is what was used to store the horse and buggies of yesteryear; but cars needed a bigger more secure space and soon they were replaced with a garage. The cars were originally parked right next to the horses, but that created a smelly situation for the affluent. Since the well-to-do were the only ones who had cars back then, they needed am adequate place to store them.

Wayne-Dalton was the first garage door manufacture in history. He moved his business to the hillside of Mt. Hope, Ohio. He worked and began what is now known as the largest Amish settlement in the country in this small Ohio village. The Amish made great workers and began to produce garage doors as quick as he could sell them. It was from this Midwestern facility that they began to get a little creative. People wanted to ensure that they had ample design selections. The customers wanted Old English, Colonial, French and even Mediterranean styles. Not to mention the color selection, not everyone wanted a white garage door. They became architectural marvels and soon everyone who was anyone, had to have one. The Garage Door Repair Atlanta GA and manufacturing industry boomed and sales soared.

Overtime things began to change. People became concerned about safety with their garages. The original wood doors would warp being exposed to the elements. This weakness would allow for easy access to burglars. Plus, warped wood that is peeling also doesn’t look very attractive. Painting and scraping became second nature, and it was a large hassle. The 1970’s brought the galvanized doors that needed little to no maintenance. What they found is that steel is not nearly as warm as wood. So, they began to insulate the new steel doors with polystyrene insulation. The doors changed many times over the years. The fiberglass doors gave way to the resin-filled wood and eventually the vinyl-covered aluminum that is in use today.

The one problem still remained with garage doors, the safety aspect and easy entry. If there is any glass or windows in the doors, they become an easy target. A burglar simply needs to bust out a panel and reach the door release at the top. A solid door doesn’t look as decorative, but it is much safer. Even the best doors take a mere six seconds to break into a with a wire hanger. Most thieves try to jam the top of the door, which allows them access to the pull cord. They can manually release the door with this pull-cord and find instant entry to the garage. However, there is a cost effective and easy solution.

A garage door is one of the most vulnerable entry points in a house. By adding a plastic zip-tie, like the ones found at a grocery store, you can save your door. Thread it through the emergency release hatch and this prevents a thief from putting a hanger in through the door’s release. In an emergency, the zip tie could be busted from the inside, but provides protection from the outside. There are other precautions that can be taken and some doors are safer than others.

No matter which garage door repair Atlanta GA company you select, be sure that safety is your first concern. From the 1920’s till today, these doors have been a lifesaver for many people and their autos. What style do you prefer?

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