What to do after a burglary?

Being a victim of a crime, like burglary, is one of the most serious things that a person can go through. Having your space violated and knowing that someone else was in your home and going through your stuff is tough. Dealing with the police, the missing items, and then of course the loss of your security isn’t a walk in the park. If you have been watching the internet or television lately, it shows that it takes a mere six seconds to break in through garage doors Atlanta GA.. That’s enough to scare anyone. But how does a person cope after their home has been broken into?

It’s not an easy thing, and it’s not something that a person can get over in a short period of time. The first thing to do after a break-in is to get all the locks changed in the house. What this can do is add a layer of protection. It will also easy the mind that any keys or entry ways that may have once been accessible are now secured. It isn’t that expensive to have locks re-keyed. Actually, it is much cheaper than having to replace them all together. Another thing to consider is the garage door.

If your garage doors have glass in them, this could be an open opportunity for burglars. By busting out one of the panels, they can gain entry and pull the release cord for the door. This will allow the door to go up quickly. If replacing an entire garage door isn’t possible, try replacing the panels with a Plexiglas or other durable material. Its shatterproof and nearly impossible to break.

When a wooden  garage door gets old, it can warp and other materials can rust. To prevent a prime entry way, replace or repair doors that are in bad condition. Never let your guard down on such a vulnerable entry point into the home. To try it yourself, try to break into the home as a burglar would. Walk around the perimeters of your property and home and note any weak spots and advantages to gain entry. You would be surprised how quickly a skilled burglar can get inside the home. The seconds can be downright scary. That is why it pays to be on your toes when it comes to entry points into the home.

Burglars don’t like homes that are well lit. So think about installing flood lights with a motion activation function that will turn them on automatically. Don’t keep lights burning all night long, but the motion activated lights will come on only will they are needed. This won’t show a drastic increase to the electric bill. Keeping a light on things will make a burglars think twice about targeting your home.

Another deterrent for criminals is a security system. When the signs go in the yards, burglars know that they only have a few minutes before the police will show up. A security camera out beside the entry ways will capture every movement. These too can be motion activated so that they are not running all the time. There are cameras that are fake, but they look so real, this can also ensure that a criminal will think twice about your home. They will not want to be on video, this is the number one way to be arrested and charged with a crime.

Being a victim of a break-in is a horrible thing. While you must pick up the pieces and move on, you must do so with vigor to correct the issues at hand. Rather than becoming angry about the issue, take matters into your own hands and fix the weakness in your home’s security set-up.

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