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Many commercial garage door manufacturers offer various doors to a variety of businesses. The most common options are a sectional garage door, a roll-up garage door, and a single-piece garage door.

One-Piece Garage Door

A single-piece garage door is a solid door that moves up, but it kicks out after it is closed or opened. This kind of door has been used at many commercial locations for years. However, thanks to new innovations, the sectional door is now incorporated in most industrial and commercial applications.

Sectional Garage Door

This garage door has multiple sections. Businesses that use this door for commercial purposes must select a unit that is 14 feet high. At most manufacturing facilities, a sectional door will also called a overhead garage door.

Roll-Up Garage Door

A roll-up door is made with metal components. When the door rolls up, the base sits on a coil, which is found just above the opening. Businesses use these doors because they provide weather protection and security benefits. Roll-up garage doors Woodstock GA are also called overhead coiling doors or service doors.

How to Choose the Proper Size

A standard commercial garage door should be 32 feet wide. The height should be 24 feet by one inch. The process of finding these measurements is not always easy; this is why you must shop around.

A roll-up door should be 28 feet by four inches in height and 30 feet by four inches in width. Many roll-up doors include a warranty, so businesses owners who purchase these doors will be covered.

An insulated garage door is typically 24 feet high and 30 feet wide. This type of door is commonly used in rainy areas because the insulation keeps moisture out. Businesses that sell perishables or delicate metals need insulated doors since moisture can ruin their investments. Although insulated doors are more expensive, they help businesses save money in the long run.

How to Maintain a Commercial Garage Door

Proper cleaning is very important if the door is installed in a climate that has salt air. Typically, the surfaces of the door should be cleaned once a year with five gallons of warm water and one cup of detergent. Once the solution is mixed, use a soft sponge and apply the cleaner to the door. After all of the dirt is removed, rinse the surfaces with a hose.

If the door is made of wood, clean it by wiping it down with a dry cloth. Usually, a wooden door will need additional painting or staining after cleaning is complete.

Bonus Advice – Garage Door Safety

A commercial garage door should be inspected every three months. Some business owners tackle repairs alone. However, hiring a professional is a better solution since most garage doors issues can be dangerous.

The torsion springs can cause major problems if they malfunction because they have a lot of tension. These springs are located slightly above the door.

The extension springs are long springs that travel along the door’s roller tracks. Always wear gloves when repairing these springs. The proper gloves can reduce pinching.

Other areas of the door should be inspected every three months. The most important components are the hinges, brackets, tracks, and rollers. During the inspection, ensure that the screws and bolts are properly secured. If a component is frayed or damaged, replace it with a new component.

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