Garage Doors Duluth GA

Have you ever wondered about those little metal wheels that roll perfectly up and down the steel track on the garage door? They spin so smoothly and efficiently. They roll with ease…

One day my garage door decided to get jammed. I tried everything to get it moving again. It looked nice when we bought the house, so I wanted to keep the curb appeal that it gave off. I also didn’t want my wife to come home and give me a hard time! I know I’m good with tools, so I tried to give it some attention.

I put my tool belt on, over top of my blue-jeans and headed to the battle field. The door was stuck at a halfway position. I stood before it and, after standing for a few minutes, my neighbor came over to ask me what I was looking at. I told him that I was fixing the garage door myself. He laughed at my tool belt and told me something that I didn’t want to hear: “You had better leave it to someone who knows how to move a wrench!” I shuddered and stood there a little longer to defy him.

I showed him. Actually, I showed my entire neighborhood. I knew how to disassemble a garage door. In fact, I had that baby take off of the mounting in under five minutes. It clinked and clanked all the way to my driveway. It would remain there until the professionals saw what I did. I almost brought great shame upon my family by doing this. My wife looked at me with disgust when she pulled into the driveway. She blamed me for being too proud to admit that I didn’t know how to fix things. I tried, but those wheels that held up the door that once moved smoothly would not realign properly with the tracking.

It was actually quite dangerous! The spring nearly put my eye out. Some people don’t know this, but the torsion spring can be really dangerous to mess with if you don’t know what you’re doing. I called a company to come out and take a look at what I had did to the once beautiful home we had purchased. The second I talked to someone on the phone it gave me immediate satisfaction.

They told me that I wasn’t a fool. Garage doors are meant to run smooth and quiet. If my door was running incorrectly, then it could be dangerous for people pulling in and out of the garage. I wanted to have a good resale value and curb appeal. I wanted the door to make my house stand out next to my neighbor.

They helped us put the door back up. They repaired everything I screwed up and, after all the worries I put my wife through, they helped us laugh it off and look at the bright side of things. We have a beautiful home, lovely children and our garage doors Duluth GA are in great shape!

Next time I see something wrong about the garage door I know what I’ll do. I’m calling a team that knows how to fix things. I put my tool belt away when it comes to the intricate design of our garage door. I know what I’m good at and I know when to admit that I’m wrong. Honestly, I have no idea what I was thinking. The moment that I took the garage door off the house I knew I would regret it. I’m just glad that the pros were there to help me through those hard times.

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